How to Contact Kate Bush ?

This is not so easy because she is afraid that a large number of people will contact her all the time so she can't get time for her self. Therefore is it expected that she has secret telephone and Mobil telephone numbers and several hidden email addresses. To do it by the conventional way is to contact her record company who can set you in touch with her. It's however a way to do it by an unconventional way.

Before contacting her you must have a logical reason to do it. For example talk to her about orgone power, free energy, spacepeople or special things about her music.

Kate Bush is capable of using telepathy type 3. This is a telepathy form mostly used by spacepeople. It's mean that a lot of information can be transmitted by thought bursts without needing to understand the language of the sender. If the thought transmission last for example 1 minute you may use one hour to explain the content of that thought transmission by a spoken language. 

The initialization of the contact is done telepathically. This can be done in 2 ways. If you are incarnated starseed you can contact the spacepeople communication system by a telepathic request to call Kate Bush. The system may then set you in telepathically contact with her. You can then exchange thoughts and pictures with her. The other way is to try to contact her directly by telepathy. To do this you can download a picture of her and print it out on your printer. Then put your self in the right meditative condition. See at the picture for one minute and then close your eyes. Then try to contact her telepathically with no other thoughts in your head. If she replies you may se a clear live picture of her with your inner eyes as on a video screen. Now you can exchanges thoughts and pictures with her. If you want to go further with the contact you can try to send her a telepathic picture of your phone number. If this succeed she may call you back by telephone. If you live outside the UK it can be an idea to create a UK telephone number by using the skype program. In this way you can limit the digits in the number to a minimum making it easier to send telepathically. If you have a short email address you may try to send that instead of the phone number. 

If you don't won't to use the telepathic method, you can use the global voice chat system  instead and hope that she connects when you are listening to the communication.