I could understand absolutely all that was said, and when Labinola pronounced her judgement, I was in total agreement with her decisions.

I could hear in the murmuring of the crowd, reflections of admiration for her wisdom, never once did she turn towards Xinolini and never did she ask his advice. I felt a great pride invade me, knowing that I had been this woman in another life and I felt, during this time, the light tingling sensation that I was starting to recognise.

Everything disappeared again and then I was in the most luxurious of bedrooms. It proved to be that of Labinola, who lay, completely naked, on the bed. Three women and two men hovered nearby. As I approached, I could see her face, streaming with perspiration and disfigured with the pain of labour.

The women, midwives, and the men, the most eminent doctors in the kingdom, seemed worried. The child was arriving in a breech position and Labinola had lost a lot of blood. This was her first child and she was exhausted. Fear was evident in the eyes of the midwives and doctors and I knew that Labinola already realised she was going to die.

The scene moved forwards two hours in time and Labinola had just breathed her last breath. She had lost too much blood. The child, too, had died, suffocating before it could emerge into the world. Labinola, this pretty creature of twenty-eight years, so beautiful and good had just released her Astral body - my Astral body, to live another life.

Further scenes were already appearing, revealing other lives on other planets - as men, women and children. Twice I was a beggar, and three times a sailor. I was a water carrier in India, a goldsmith in Japan where I lived till ninety-five years of age; a Roman soldier; a black child at Chad devoured by a lion at the age of eight years; an Indian fisherman on the Amazon, dead at forty two years leaving twelve children; an Apache chief dead at eighty six years; several times a peasant farmer, on Earth as well as on other planets; and twice an ascetic in the mountains of Tibet and on another planet.

Apart from when I was Labinola, ruling Queen of one-third of a planet, most of my lives were very modest. I saw scenes from all eighty of my previous lives - some of which impressed me a lot. I do not have time to detail them all in this book, as they would fill a volume on their own. Maybe one day I will write it.

At the end of the ‘show’, I had the impression of moving backwards in the ‘tunnel’ and, when I opened my eyes, Thao and the three Thaori were smiling kindly. When it was established that I was indeed back in my present skin, the leader addressed me in the following words:

‘We wanted to show you your past lives, that you might notice they vary, as though they were attached to a wheel. Because a wheel is made to turn, any point on it that is on top will soon be at the bottom - it is inevitable, do you see?

‘One day you are a beggar and then you can be a Queen, such as Labinola who, of course, was not only at the top of the wheel but also learned a lot and greatly helped others. And yet, in many cases, a beggar will learn as much as a king and in some instances he will learn much more.

‘When you were an ascetic in the mountains, you assisted many more individuals than in most of your other lives. What counts most is not appearances, but what is behind them.

‘When your Astral body takes on another physical body it is, quite simply, in order to learn more, and even more...

‘As we have explained to you, it is for the sake of your Higher Self. It is a process of continual refinement, which can occur just as effectively in the body of a beggar as in that of a king or a miner. The physical body is but a tool. A sculptor’s chisel and hammer are tools; they will never reach beauty on their own, but they contribute to it in the hands of an artist. A wonderful statue could not have been created with the artist’s bare hands.

‘You should always bear in mind this main point: An Astral body, in all cases, must conform to Universal Law, and, by following nature as closely as possible, it can achieve the ultimate goal by the fastest path.’

With that, the Thaori resumed their places and we resumed ours.

During my stay in the doko, the sun had set; however, they didn’t deem it necessary to explain the luminous ambience that allowed us to see at least fifteen metres in distance inside the doko.

My attention was still focused on the Thaori. They were looking at me with kindness, surrounded by a golden mist that became more and more dense, into which they disappeared - just as they had on my first visit.

This time, Thao gently placed her hand on my shoulder and asked me to follow her. She led me towards the entrance of the doko, and in an instant we were outside. It was completely dark and no light shone anywhere apart from over the entrance. I could see no more than three metres in front of me and wondered how we were going to find the flying platform. I then remembered that Thao could see as well by night as by day. I was curious to see evidence of this - like a typical Earthling, I sought proof! It was provided immediately. Thao lifted me up effortlessly and sat me on her shoulders, just as we on Earth carry our little ones.

‘You could stumble,’ she explained, as we proceeded along the path - and indeed, she seemed to know exactly where she was going, just as though it were daylight.

Before long, she put me down on the seat of the Lativok and sat herself next to me. I placed my mask, which I had been holding in my hand, on my knees, and almost immediately we took off.

I must say that, in spite of my confidence in Thao, I felt uneasy at flying ‘blind’. We flew between the immense trees of the park and I couldn’t even see the stars that usually shone so brightly. Great clouds had formed after sundown and our surroundings were completely obscured in darkness. Next to me, however, I could see Thao’s Aura and the ‘bouquet’ at the top of her head, which was particularly bright.

We picked up speed and I’m sure we travelled as fast in the darkness as we did by day. I felt some drops of rain sting my face. Thao moved her hand towards a point on the machine and I felt the rain no more. At the same instant, I had the impression that we were stopping and I wondered what was happening, for I knew we were over the ocean. Occasionally, in the distance on our left, I could make out coloured lights that moved.

‘What is it?’ I asked Thao.

‘The lights at the entrances to the dokos on the coast.’

I was trying to understand why the dokos were moving, when suddenly, through the darkness which seemed even thicker, a light came directly towards us and stopped beside us.

‘We are at your place,’ said Thao. ‘Come on.’

She lifted me again. I felt a slight pressure as when one enters a doko and then felt the rain full on my face. The downpour was very strong but, in a few strides, Thao was under the light and we entered the doko.

‘We got here just in time,’ I remarked.

‘Why? For the rain? No, it’s actually been pouring for a short while now. I activated the force field - didn’t you notice? You stopped feeling the wind, didn’t you?’

‘Yes, but I thought we had stopped. I don’t understand at all.’

Thao burst into laughter, which put me at ease again and suggested that the explanation to the mystery was about to unfold.

‘The force field not only keeps the rain out but also the wind, so you had no reference point by which to judge whether we moved or not. You see, one must not rely on perception.’

‘But how could you find this place in such darkness?’

‘As I told you, we can see as well by night as by day. That’s why we don’t use lighting - I realise that is not convenient for you, you can’t see me now, but, in any case, we have had a very full day and I think it would be best for you to rest now. Let me help you.’

She led me to the relaxation area, wishing me a good night. I asked her if she was going to stay with me, but she explained that she lived quite nearby, not even requiring the vehicle to transport her there. With that, she left and I stretched out and soon fell asleep.

The next morning, I awoke to the sound of Thao’s voice as she leaned over me, whispering in my ear.

I observed as I had the first time, that this relaxation area was well deserving of its name, for I would not have heard Thao, had she not leaned over me to speak, sound being extremely muffled here. Further, I had slept soundly, without waking once. I was perfectly rested.

I got up and followed Thao towards the pool. It was at this time that she told me of the accident that had befallen Arki. I was greatly saddened by the news and tears sprang to my eyes. Thao reminded me that Arki was proceeding to another existence and should be remembered as a friend who has left us to go elsewhere.

‘Indeed it is sad, but we must not be selfish, Michel. Other adventures and other joys are probably in store for Arki.’

I washed and when I rejoined Thao, we enjoyed a very light meal and drank some hydromel. I didn’t feel hungry. Looking up, I could see the grey sky and the rain falling on the doko. It was interesting to watch, as the raindrops didn’t stream down the doko as they would have done over a glass dome. Instead, they simply disappeared when they reached the doko’s force field. I looked at Thao and she smiled at me, having seen my surprise.

‘The drops are dislocated by the force field, Michel. It is elementary physics - at least for us. But there are more interesting things to study and, unfortunately, you have so little time. There are still more things that I must teach you, so your fellow men might be enlightened when you write your book - such as the mystery of Christ which I mentioned yesterday when we were interrupted by Arki’s arrival.

‘First, I must speak to you of Egypt and Israel, as well as of Atlantis, the famous continent so often talked of on Earth and the subject of so much controversy.

‘Atlantis, like the continent of Mu, did exist and was situated in the northern hemisphere, in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. It was attached to Europe, and linked to America by an isthmus and to Africa by another isthmus at about the latitude of the Canary Islands. Its area was slightly greater than that of Australia.

‘It was inhabited by the people of Mu, approximately 30 000 years ago - in fact, it was a colony of Mu. There was also a white race there - tall blond people with blue eyes. It was the Mayas, very learned colonisers from Mu, who governed the country, and they constructed there, a replica of the Pyramid of Savanasa.

‘Seventeen thousand years ago, they explored the Mediterranean thoroughly, going via the north of Africa where they acquainted the Arabs, (descendants of the cross-breeding between yellow and black Bakaratinians) with much new knowledge - material as well as spiritual. The numerical script, for example, still used by the Arabs, came from Atlantis, and from Mu, of course.

‘They went to Greece where they founded a small colony and the Greek alphabet corresponds almost exactly to that of Mu.

‘Finally they arrived in a land that the natives called Aranka and which you know as Egypt. There, they established a strong colony with a great man, by the name of Toth1, at its head. Laws were established which embodied the beliefs of Mu and the organisational principles of Atlantis. Improved plants, new techniques for raising cattle, new methods of cultivation, pottery and weaving were all introduced.

‘Toth was a great man of Atlantis, extremely knowledgeable materially as well as spiritually. He founded villages, built temples and, just before his death, he had constructed what you now call the Great Pyramid. Each time these great colonisers judged that the new colony had the potential to become great, materially and spiritually, they would construct a special pyramid - a tool - as you were able to see for yourself on Mu. In Egypt, they constructed the Great Pyramid on the same model as the Pyramid of Savanasa, but on a scale three times reduced. These pyramids are unique and, in order to fulfil their role as a ‘tool’, their dimensions and specifications must be precisely adhered to, as well as their orientation.’

‘Do you know how much time it took?’

‘It was quite fast - just nine years, for Toth and his master architects knew the secrets of anti-gravitation from Mu, and the secrets for cutting the rock and using - let’s call them ‘electro-ultra-sounds’.’

‘But on Earth, the experts believe it to have been constructed by the Pharaoh Cheops.’

‘It’s not so, Michel. Of course, this is not the only mistake that the experts on Earth have made. On the other hand, I can confirm that the Pharaoh Cheops used this pyramid as it was meant to be used.

‘The Maya-Atlanteans were not the only ones to explore and colonise. Gone for thousands of years, the Nagas had colonised Burma, India and finally they reached the shores of Egypt, at about the latitude of the Tropic of Cancer. They too, founded a successful colony and occupied upper Egypt. Both groups of colonisers introduced similar sorts of improvements. The Nagas established a large town called Mayou, on the banks of the Red Sea. The natives of the region went to their schools, gradually becoming assimilated with the colonists and producing the Egyptian race.

‘However, about 5000 years ago, the Nagas in the north of Egypt and the Maya-Atlanteans began fighting for a reason that is quite ludicrous. The Atlanteans, whose religion differed significantly from the religion of Mu, believed in the reincarnation of the soul (Astral body) in the country of its ancestors. Thus, they claimed that the soul travelled westward to where they had come from. The Nagas held a similar belief except that they claimed the soul went back to the east, since they had come from the east.

‘For two years they were actually at war over this difference but it was not a terribly cruel war, as both groups comprised of fundamentally peace loving people, and eventually they became allied and formed a unified Egypt.

‘The first King of United Egypt, both upper and lower, was called Mena. It was he who established the town of Memphis. He was elected by the same method used in Mu - a method that did not long survive in Egypt, due to the rise of a powerful clergy which little by little put the Pharaohs under its thumb. This situation continued over the years with notable exceptions among the Pharaohs who yielded to the clergy. One such exception was the Pharaoh Athnaton1 who was poisoned by the priests. Before dying, he made the following statement: ‘The time that I have spent on this Earth was an era in which the simplicity of Truth was not understood and was rejected by many.’ As often happens in religious sects, the Egyptian priests distorted the Truth, simple though it was, in order to have a better hold over the people. They had them believing in the devil and in various divine beings as well as other such nonsense.

‘It must also be said that prior to the war and the subsequent peace-pact which saw Mena installed as King of Egypt, the population, made up of Maya-Atlanteans and Nagas in equal proportions, had established a sophisticated civilisation in both upper and lower Egypt.

‘The country was prosperous. Farming and grazing flourished and the (time of the) first King of Egypt, Mena, was, almost the culmination [11] of this rising civilisation.

‘Now, at this point, we must go back in time. Arki said that Earth is still being visited by extra-terrestrials and, as you know, it has been regularly visited in the past. But, I should elaborate on this.

‘Earth is visited, as are many other inhabitable planets scattered throughout the Universe. Sometimes the inhabitants of certain planets are obliged to evacuate as their planet is dying. Now, as Arki also explained, you can’t change planets as you might change houses. You must conform to a cycle that is well established; otherwise, catastrophes can be the consequence. This is what happened 12 000 years ago. Human beings left the planet Hebra in order to explore [14] the galaxy in search of a new planet of the same category as their own, for they knew that, in the millennium to come, their planet would become totally uninhabitable.

‘A spacecraft, capable of extremely high speeds, experienced serious problems during its reconnaissance flight and was obliged to land on your planet. It landed in the region of Krasnodar, a town in Western Russia. Needless to say, at the time there was no town, no people, no Russia.

‘On board the spacecraft were eight astronauts: three women and five men. These people were approximately 170 centimetres in height, with black eyes, fair skin and long brown hair. They made a successful landing and began repairs to their vessel.

‘They found the gravitational force stronger than on their own planet and, initially, had some difficulty moving about. They established a camp near their spacecraft, expecting repairs to take some time. One day, during work, an accident occurred causing a terrific explosion that destroyed half of the vessel and killed five of the cosmonauts. The other three, being some distance away, were unharmed. They were Robanan, a man, and Levia and Dina, two women.

‘They knew well what was in store for them. Coming from a planet of a superior category, they did not belong on Earth, where they were in fact prisoners, and thus they anticipated the misadventures that befell them. The accident came as no great surprise.

‘For several months, the three remained at the spot for the season was warm. They had some weapons and they were able to procure game - their provisions of manna and roustian having been lost in the explosion. Eventually the cold arrived and they decided to move further south.

‘The gravitational force made walking long distances extremely difficult for them, so that their trek south to warmer climates became a veritable ‘Road to Calvary’. They passed by the Black Sea heading in the direction of today’s Israel. The journey took months but they were young people and, astonishingly, they made it. The weather became more clement, and even hot, as they reached lower latitudes. They stopped by a river, establishing there a permanent camp - all the more permanent since Dina was several months pregnant. At full term, she gave birth to a son whom they named Ranan. By then, Levia too, was pregnant and some time later, she also bore a son, Rabion.

‘These people from Hebra acclimatised in this spot which was rich in game, honey and edible plants - and there they founded their line. It was quite some time later that they made the acquaintance of some nomads passing by. This was their first contact with Earthlings. The nomads numbered ten and, having found Robanan’s women to their liking, they wanted to kill him and take all that he had, including the women.

‘Robanan still had his weapon and, although a pacifist, he was obliged to use it and killed four of his attackers who fled in the face of such power.

‘These people were greatly saddened that they had to resort to such a measure, and saw in it yet another sign that they were on a planet that was forbidden to them by Universal Law...’

‘I don’t understand,’ I interrupted. ‘I thought that it wasn’t possible to jump categories in a forward direction, but that it would be possible to go to inferior planets.’

‘No, Michel, neither forwards nor backwards. If you go forward, disregarding Universal Law, you will die; if you go backwards, you expose yourself to worse conditions because your advanced spirituality can’t exist in a materialistic environment.

‘If you like, I can give you an analogy in the form of a childish comparison. Imagine a man immaculately dressed in polished shoes, white socks and pressed suit. You oblige this man to walk through a farmyard, 30 centimetres deep in mud. Further, you insist that he put this mud into a wheelbarrow with his hands. No need to ask what state he will be in when he has finished.

‘Nonetheless, our group of extra-terrestrials founded their line that became the ancestors of present-day Jews.

‘The Bible was written later by scribes who retraced the history of these people, distorting it, as legend became mixed with reality.

‘I can affirm for you that the Adam of the Bible was, not only, not the first man on Earth, far from it, but he was called Robanan and he didn’t have a wife called Eve but two wives named Levia and Dina. The race of Jews developed from these three, without mixing with other races because, by atavism1, they felt themselves superior - and indeed they were.

‘However, I must assure you that the (original2 - Editor’s comment in agreement with the Author.) - Bible is not the product of the scribes’ imagination - nor is it embellished. There was much truth in it. I say ‘was’ because in the various councils of the Roman Catholic Church, the Bible has been greatly revised, for reasons which are clear: to serve the needs of Christianity. This is why I said yesterday, that religions are one of the curses of Earth. I must also enlighten you in regard to several other biblical points.

‘Shortly after the arrival of the Hebrews on Earth, we helped them on several occasions. We also punished them. For example, the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah was caused by one of our space vehicles. The people of those two towns were presenting a bad example and acting dangerously for the people in contact with them. We tried various means in an endeavour to put them back on the right track, but in vain. We had to be ruthless.

my image of this event (picture not from book - rø)

‘Each time that you read in the Bible: ‘And the Lord God said this or that’ - you should read ‘and the inhabitants of Thiaoouba said...’.’

‘Why not save them in the beginning and take them back to their planet or to another of the same category?’

‘That is, of course, a reasonable question, Michel, but there is a snag. We can’t predict the future more than 100 years in advance. We thought, at the time, that, being such a small group, they might not survive and, if they did, they would mix with other races and thus be absorbed by other peoples and rendered ‘impure’. We guessed that this would occur within a century - but such was not the case. Even now, as you know, the race is still almost as pure as it was 12 000 years ago.

‘As I told you, by means of religious councils, priests erased or changed many things in the Bible, but others survived and can easily be explained.



footnotes to this:

1 - ‘atavism’ - here - aiming to reconstruct the original characteristics. The first generations of people described in the Bible lived up to 900 years. (Editor’s note)


‘In Chapter 18, verse (1) the scribe refers to our appearance at that time, saying: ‘The Lord God appeared unto him among the oaks of Mamre as he sat at the entrance to his tent in the heat of day.’ The scribe is speaking of Abraham in this chapter.(1 - ‘God has never spoken’ - In the oldest available, the Hebrew version of the Bible Yehova is one of many synonyms for ‘God’. All other translations mix them up completely - replacing the exact names by ‘Father’ or ‘God’. From the Hebrew version it is clear that it was Yehova who talked to people, appeared in the human form, made ‘miracles’ and not God. From the information contained in this book it is clear that God is God (The Great Spirit) and Yehova = Thiaoouba. In the context of this single detail - the entire Bible makes much more sense and becomes fascinating reading. Editor)

‘(2) He, Abraham, looked up and saw three men standing nearby.

When he saw them he ran to them and fell to the ground before them.

(3) And he said, ‘Lord and master, if I have found grace in your eyes, I beg you not to go far from your servant.’ Abraham invites the three men to stay. The scribe refers to them as men one minute and yet one of them is also called ‘the Lord God’. He speaks to them and each time, it is the one referred to as ‘the Lord God’ who replies. Now, the priests of the Roman Catholic Church find this in formal contradiction with their views, as do many other religions, for they will tell you that no one can imagine the face of God - that one would be blinded by it. In a sense they are right, since the Creator, being a pure spirit, has no face!

‘According to the scribe, Abraham converses with the Lord God as he would with a high ranking lord on Earth. And the Lord God answers him and is accompanied by two other ‘men’ - the scribe does not speak of ‘angels’. Isn’t it odd that God comes down to Earth in the form of a man, accompanied, not by angels, but by men? Actually, there, and in many other places in the Bible, it is easy for someone of good faith to see that God has never spoken to any human being.1

‘He could not have done so, since it is astral bodies which aspire towards Him and not God who leans towards them. That would be like a river flowing backwards - you have never seen a river flowing from the sea to the mountaintop, have you? A passage from the Bible, two pages further on from the one just mentioned, is also quite amusing: Chapter 19, verse (1): ‘The two angels arrived in Sodom, and Lot was seated at the gates to Sodom. When Lot saw them, he rose to go and kiss the ground in front of them’ - then he manages to get them to go to his house, and suddenly, in verse five, ‘They called Lot and said to him: ‘Where are the men who entered your house?’. Now the scribe is referring to them as ‘men’. Next, in verse (10), ‘The men reached out, made Lot come inside and closed the door.’ (11) ‘And they struck blind everyone at the entrance to the house, from the smallest to the largest person, so that it was useless for them to try to find the door.’

‘It is easy to see the lack of precision in this passage, where the scribe begins by speaking of two angels, then speaks of two men, and then describes two men striking people blind. According to the Bible, such a ‘miracle’ requires at least an angel! There my dear, is another good example of confusion in Earthly scripts. The ‘men’ were quite simply our men from Thiaoouba.

Thus we guided and helped the Jews, for it would have been a shame to let a race so spiritually evolved sink back into ignorance and savagery only because it had accidentally committed the error of coming to a planet which was not appropriate for it. We helped them in the centuries that followed and it is this that certain scribes have tried to explain by writing the accounts that have formed the Bible. Often they were in good faith; at times, they have distorted the facts, although not purposely.

‘The only times this distortion was purposely done, and for very specific reasons, as I have said, was by the Roman Church during the councils of Nicein AD 325, Constantinople in AD 381, Ephese in AD 431 and Chalcedoine in AD 451. There were others too, but of lesser significance. The Bible is not the Book of God, as many people on Earth believe it to be; it is simply a document of ancient history much modified and full of embellishments, added by writers different from the original scribes. For example, let’s go back to Egypt and the time of the Exodus, which interests people on Earth. I’m going to restore the truth concerning this, for you and for others, before going further.

‘Let’s go back, then, to Egypt, where we find that the descendants of the cosmonauts have become the Hebrew people (the name deriving from that of their planet, Hebra). Since arriving accidentally on your planet, this race has experienced great difficulties - it experienced them then and it experiences them still.

‘As you know, the Jews are very intelligent by comparison with other races; they have a religion which is quite different; and they don’t mix with other races. Marriages are almost always among their own kind. Because of inexorable Universal Law, they have always suffered persecution, much of which has occurred in recent times. As a result, their astral bodies were liberated and therefore able to proceed directly to more highly evolved planets where they belong.

‘As you also know, a group of Hebrews travelled with Joseph, son of Jacob, into Egypt, where they established a line, only to end up being hated by the Egyptians and always for the same unstated reasons - their intelligence and, particularly, their solidarity in the face of adversity. Action was needed.’


chapter 11

Who was Christ?

‘This occurred during the time of the Pharaoh Seti I. It was a time when the people of Earth had all become materialistic. In Egypt, it was common in high society to take drugs; likewise, in Greece. Fornication with animals was by no means rare - something which is absolutely contrary to Nature and Universal Law.

‘Our mission being to help when it was deemed necessary, we decided to change the course that history was taking, by intervening at this point. We had to get the Hebrews out of Egypt, for they could no longer evolve as a free people while under the evil domination of the Egyptians. It was decided to send a man, capable and just, to lead the Hebrews from Egypt and back to the land they had occupied previously, that is, soon after their arrival on Earth.

‘On the planet Naxiti, a planet of the eighth category, a man by the name of Xioxtin had just died. His Astral body was waiting to be reincarnated on Thiaoouba, when it was put to him, that instead, he might be the liberator of the Hebrews. He agreed to this and went to Earth as Moses.

‘Moses, then, was born in Egypt of Egyptian parents. His father was the equivalent of a sub-lieutenant in the army.

‘Moses was not born a Hebrew - that is yet another error in the Bible. The story of the little Hebrew baby set adrift in the water and rescued by a princess is very romantic, but incorrect.’

‘What a shame! I always loved that story. It’s quite wonderful - like a fairy story!’

‘Fairy tales are indeed very pretty, Michel, but you must concern yourself with the Truth - not fantasy. Promise me that you will only report what is the Truth?’

‘Of course, have no fear, Thao - your instructions will be followed to the letter, so to speak.’

‘I was explaining then, that Moses was born in an Egyptian, military family. His father’s name was Lathotes. Until the age of ten, Moses played often with the Hebrew children. A pretty and amiable child, he was popular with the Hebrew mothers who indulged him with offerings of sweets. In turn, they won his heart and he came to love his Hebrew friends like brothers. This is why he was incarnated of course, but you must realise that, after having seen his life as Moses flash before him, and, after accepting to live that life, all details of it were erased from his memory. He passed through what certain Nagas have called ‘The River of Oblivion’ - this happens whether one accepts or rejects a possible reincarnation. Of course, there is a reason for it.

‘If, for example, you remembered that, around forty years of age, you would lose your wife and two cherished children in a car accident and that you, yourself, would be confined to a wheelchair, the knowledge could tempt you to take your life rather than face up to your troubles, or it might lead you to behave badly in other spheres. So, the ‘film’ is erased, in something like the way you ‘wipe out’ a tape recording.

‘Occasionally, by accident, the machine does not erase everything and you can hear brief portions of what should have been erased. Of course, my analogies are fanciful when I speak of ‘films’ and ‘tape recordings’ but I hope they give you an idea of what I am trying to explain. In reality, the process involves electro-photonics, which mean nothing, yet, to people on Earth. This, in fact, occurs often in the ‘films’ that the Higher Self shows to an Astral body, which is why most people say, on several occasions in the course of their lives ‘I have seen that before’ or ‘I have heard that before’ and they know what the very next action or word will be. In English, people call this feeling ‘deja vu’.’

‘Yes, I understand well what you are saying. The strangest such experience that I have had was when I was in French Equatorial Africa. I was in the army and we were on manoeuvres about 600 kilometres from base. We were approaching the Tchad border and I was standing with other soldiers in the back of a troop carrier facing the road.

‘Suddenly, I ‘recognised’ the road as if I’d been there just a fortnight before. I was as though hypnotised by this stretch of road that ended with a right-angled bend. I ‘recognised’ the road, however, I was also sure that, around the bend, I was going to see a little straw hut, all by itself, sheltered by a mango tree. I was increasingly convinced that such would be the case and, when the truck took the bend, there it was - a lone straw hut beneath a mango tree. And then it was over - I ‘recognised’ nothing more. My face turned white.

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