book -report  from  AND LIFE GOES ON

Of Francisco Candido Xavier  - video about the author/receiver most below on this site

  From the book of the Brasilian wellknown medium Francisco Candido Xavier, (picture left), who was the recipient of the spiritual communication from the other side - to Andre Luiz ( right) thru a lot of books

Book came out in Portuguese in 1968.

Extracts from the book IN_THE GREATER WORLD of the Brasilian wellknown medium Francisco Candido
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research site for collecting material to explore the spiritual/fine-material levels

Extracts rom the book IN_THE GREATER WORLD of same author

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Two sick people, with the same disease – a man and a women- meet in a sick-hotel, waiting for surgery. – The man, Ernesto, is well inside into the spiritual knowledge. As they sit there, a damaged horse-pulled carriage passes near to where they sit talking. Ernesto says that the carriage is to symbolize the physical body, the horse the spiritual body and the driver/coachman the spirit. “…the damaged carriage we just saw, is like a sick body that the driver must leave, - then jumping on the horseback to continue the journey”.

He similar uses the horse while sleeping, as the carriage/coarsebody then rests, and may be like being repaired in a shop. (Some more/short scan from book on this below- jumplink)


Well, the lady named Evelina, thought her operation would go well, but not so. In the last days she asked her husband, Caio, if he thought they would meet again on the other side, but he – in contrast to Ernesto, did not answer.

Yet she died, (while under anaesthetization) and when she woke up, free-of-pain, in a hospital-like room on the other side, she only through she had slept a little, though she remarked feeling well and free of pain. The astral-level-dimension she came to – like described in “astral city” – seemed to be a slightly elevated “mirror-plane” of the physical. Which in many ways was so “earth-like” that the departed did not at once relize/grasp they were no longer on the physical level. the some spes.spiritual books on that theme, almost everthing there is mirrored!! (almost like a mirror of the physical plane). It is told - in a logic way – also thru the spiritual science (f x that of Martinus: The Road To Paradise, or also in the theosophy.) – that there exist one or more “mirror-levels of the physical”on the astral. Just  “Astral-City/Nosso-Lar” seems to be on such a “astral->physical-mirror level”. Well –not entirely a mirror-image- a lot is though different.   

(see also  and if you wonder how it is possible to “import” or exchange matter thru the diff.dimensions, it is theorized to be by a ‘vibratory process’ which is named ITM in the book “en alternative kosmologi” of tore alfstad - short report on this book most down here on this site) .

  After a time on this (astral-) –hospital on the other side, she - Evelina - again meets Ernesto from the sanatorium, both not understanding they have passed on thru - during their surgery, and they both discuss why they have not been visited by their relatives, and not been allowed to contact these thru phone.

Very slowly they are prepared to understand that they have left their physiscal bodies, by the foregone surgery-operation they both had undergone. Education on spiritual matter was also gradually given, but as they- and esp.she – had been a believing catholic – they could not easy adopt the idea on f x  reincarnation.


Some scan-extracts from the book:

From page19:
"....Mrs. Serpa and her new friend followed them with their gaze until they disappeared around the next comer. Fantini smiled broadly and said calmly: "Mrs.Serpa ...
She cut him short with another open smile and corrected him in a friendly tone:
"Call me Evelina. I believe that since we both share a rare disease, we have the right to a casual friendship."

"Fine with me!" said Fantini and he added, "And from now on, I shall be just Ernesto to you."
He rested his pale hand on the back of the large bench and continued:

"Dona)*/ Evelina, have you ever read anything about spiritualism?"
)*In Brazilian society, Dona is a term of respect that is used with the woman's first name. - Tr.

"Well, I would like to tell you that that carriage reminded me of some notes I took yesterday while I was studying. The interesting writer I've been reading, though using a definition that he himself considers superficial, understands the human being to be three-fold, much like the carriage, the horse and the
coachman, the three of them working together. "

"How could that be?" asked Evelina accentuating her surprise and looking at him jokingly.
"The carriage would correspond to the physical body; the animal may be compared to the spiritual body, that is, the molder and sustainer of the phenomena that ensure our physical life; and the coachman symbolizes our spirit, that is, our true self in the mental governance of our life. A damaged 'carriage', like the one we just saw, would represent a sick body, and when the vehicle becomes completely useless, the driver abandons it to the scrap heap of nature and climbs back up on the horse so that both of them may continue the journey ... This, of course happens at death or discarnation. Now useless, the physical body is returned to the ground, whereas our spirit, clothed in the envelope of subtle matter that conditions its earthly existence, then begins to live on another plane, where the garment of denser matter is no longer useful."

Evelina laughed, though with all due respect for the speaker, and argued:

"A clever theory! You talk about death, but what happens to this trio while we are asleep?"

"For good reasons, during physical sleep the three elements take a rest that varies from driver to driver, or rather, from spirit to spirit. When we sleep, the heavy vehicle or physical body
always rests, but the spirit behaves much, much differently. For instance, after the driver and the horse have had a heavy meal, both of them will rest, and consequently, so will the carriage. On
the other hand, if the coachman is in the habit of studying and serving, then while the carriage is in the shop for repairs or an overhaul, he uses the horse for instructive trips or worthwhile tasks. At other times, if the driver is still quite unskilled, inexperienced or fearful of the trip, then whenever the carriage
needs repairs, he will probably hang around somewhere near the repair shop, waiting for the carriage to be fixed in order to take it up again, much like armor for self-defense."  

Evelina showed disbelief and objected:
"I don't know a thing about spiritualism."
"Do you profess any religion in particular?"

"Yes, I'm Catholic. I'm not a fanatic, but I try very hard to live according to the principles of my faith, I believe in out" priests' teachings and practice them."
"Good for you. All sincere beliefs are to be respected.
Envy your absolute trust."
More from online of the first 30pages of the book: from this edition of the publishers per june 2013 link 
Some from page60 -61:
"…on other occasions she (one of the patients having been much longer in the sanatorium where they had now been awoken) asked that they (should) observe their own extreme lightness, the agility of their new, subtle body, and the peculiar way they expressed their thoughts as if the ideas gushed from their minds in the form of images way beyond their usual capabilities; that they also' examine, in that new sphere of life, the phenomenon of telepathic communication, considered an ordinary occurrence there, although spoken language was also used. All that was needed was a high degree of affinity between individuals for them to understand each other perfectly about the most complex subjects, using a minimum number of words.
They happily listened to the judicious observations of Mrs. Tamburini, who was fully convinced they were discarnate souls in some area of the spirit world. However, regardless of their respect for her, they couldn't accept what she said as the unquestionable truth.
Sitting on the grass near Fantini, who in turn was sitting on a small bench, Evelina started the conversation, thoughtfully appraising the situation:
"It's true that I feel lighter and lighter every day, and that because of it I feel like I'm losing control of myself. I've noticed that my feelings move up from my heart to my brain, like waters from a deep underground source pouring forth to the surface ... In my head I've noticed that emotions are transformed into thoughts that Bow immediately to my lips in the form of words, departing from me like rivers that extend far beyond their birthplace to Bow over the earth."

"Well put, you have defined my own state of mind precisely.”
"But listen, Ernesto," advised Evelina, touching the trunk of a robust tree: "What do you see here?"
''A tree trunk."
''And over there in the nearest Hower bed?"
"Could this be the spirit world if matter and nature that are familiar to us, are present everywhere?"
"I agree that neither of us has gotten a dear explanation regarding our present situation, and all this is abssurd, maddening, but ... "
"But we can't rush into affirming anything”.

"Have you been influenced by Mrs. Tamburini's ideas?"
"Not so much. I draw my own conclusions."
"Listen, Ernesto. If we are dead to all our loved ones, why haven't any relatives who preceded us come looking for us yet?
Our grandparents, for example, or close friends who have died"
"Who says they haven't?"
"How can you say that?"
"Think about the elementary examples in our homes. A television receives images that we cannot see and transmits them with complete accuracy. A radio captures messages that we cannot hear in person and delivers them to us with perfect clarity. It's very likely that we are being watched and heard without our having yet awoken the precise faculty to hear and see on this plane."

"But Ernesto, what about the prayers? If we are spirits freed from the so-called physical body, someone must have remembered us in their prayers ... Your wife, your daughter; my parents, my husband ... »
"We know neither the mechanism of spirit relationships, nor do we have any knowledge of the science of the soul. Who can say that we are not being supported by the power of the prayers of those we love or by others ... who still love us."

"What do you mean?"
"Have you received a hospital bill yet? To what and to whom do we owe the care and kindnesses we receive every day?
From Page 68-69:
The trio engaged in lively conversation around a table.
The familiarity of the scene was so real that one might find it hard to believe that it wasn't happening down on the earth.

Consequently, despite Ernesto's pensive look of uncertainty and anxiety, Evelina was completely convinced that she was in a regular corner of the world she knew so well.
"I understand you want to know a bit more about your new residence," said Brother Claudio serenely, "because sister Celusa Tamburini notified me that you both have been awake in
the hospital for a number of days now."
"Yes, that's right," confirmed Ernesto, "and we are grateful for your time."
"Professor," interrupted Mrs. Serpa confidently, "we've
heard so many absurd comments during the short time we've been in our new surroundings. I would like to know if we are free to ask you about anything, anything that seems strange to us."

"Oh, by all means! Ask me anything, although I'm not
sure I can answer it all."

Encouraged by Claudio's attentive gaze, Ernesto spoke again:
"I think Evelina has a crucial question on her mind. Maybe this will sound like the foolishness of mental patients - which sometimes we both believe we are - but we have heard on many occasions that everyone here is dead and that we are recovering in an environment that no longer belongs to people of flesh and blood ...

At first, we had a good laugh, believing such a notion to be utter silliness; however, we've been hearing it more and more. Even Mrs. Tamburini is certain we have crossed the boundaries of death, just like someone waking up after a night of sleep ... What can you tell us about that, Professor?"
Brother Claudio's face expressed a mixture of surprise and compassion, and he stated with simplicity:
"Are you ready to believe me if I tell you that we are, in fact living in the Spirit Realm?"
"But Professor ... " exclaimed Evelina, very pale.
"I understand," said Claudio, smiling kindly. "You, much more than our brother Ernesto, mentally resist facing the truth because of your praiseworthy but provisional religious convictions, - convictions that are deeply rooted in your mind ...
Despite all that, however, it is my duty to assure you that we are no longer on the earth, but in an area of the spirit life."
Evelina exclaimed:
"My God, how can that be?"
"Sister Evelina, think about it like this. We arrive on the Earth through the maternal womb, go through the period of childhood, and then through an extensive work of re-adaptation; isn’t this the same thing?"
"But the earth ... I know about it."
"Not really. We classify earth's landscape and everything it entails according to the concepts of all those who came before us.
The same happens here, where we also rely on expert geologists and geographers ... But the truth is that both there and here - we know essentially very little about the environment in which we live. In short, we only analyze and re-analyze principles and things that we find already in existence."
"Nevertheless, in the world - as we understand the world - we're certain that we are living on a foundation of solid matter."
"Sister Evelina, who ever said that we didn't also live therein the earthly sphere within a certain level of perception of our eternal spirit? Any student of elementary science is aware of the fact that so-called dense matter is nothing but condensed radiant energy. When all's said and done, we'll discover that matter is coagulated light, a divine substance that suggests the omnipresence of God.

'Are you actually confirming that we are no longer living on the physical plane?" asked Fantini.
"Whether we call this world 'the other life,' 'the other side' - 'the extra-physical region' or 'the realm of spirits,' the fact is that we are now in a center of physical activity as material as the one inhabited by human beings, our still-incarnate brothers, and we are conditioned to the types of impressions that still domain nearly all their sensorial resources. The terrestrial world is what human thought makes of it. Here, it is the same thing. Matter is nothing more than energy. Here, as well as there, what is seen is the temporary projection of our mental creations."

"Then, dying?! ... What's the purpose? What's the importance in realizing that our lives continue?"
"The unknown factors of outer life and the challenge resulting from them are still the same. However, if individual would truly aspire to do a self-examination they would find in
this new world fascinating surprises in the study and rediscovery of themselves. Each one of us is a world of intelligence searching for ... and perfecting ourselves."

Ernesto kept up his questioning:
"Are all the dead everywhere on the earth in situations identical to ours?"

"That would be impossible. Let's take a quick look at incarnate humankind, and we will understand something on this subject. On the earth, where we have come from, there are millions of people who are either sane or mentally unbalanced, healthy or ill, educated or unlearned, relatively evolved or
excessively animalized, trusting or disbelieving, advanced in their evolution or just beginners. It would be impracticable to classify them after death according to an exclusive criterion.

Each spirit will find itself in its own group and each group in its own community or plane of affinity. It isn't easy to standardize the circumstances of discarnate spirits. It's enough to remember
that every day about 150,000 individuals leave the physical environment at an average of 100 per minute, leaving behind affections, achievements, commitments, problems ...
(Data from 1968, - Tr. )
Well, they are all God's children and they all receive equal attention and assistance from God with respect to the love with which they are enveloped in his creation, although such attention and assistance differ in the many ways in which they are expressed. It is reasonable to conceive that, for whatever they might have been, no matter how much human beings are adorned with the honors paid to them by their loved ones when they leave the world, they arrive here as they really are ... Just because they have disincarnated, the madman does not acquire reason overnight, nor does the unlearned person obtain knowledge by osmosis. After death we are what we have made of ourselves in our inner reality, and we end up in a place that is compatible with our potential for recuperation or with the opportunities for service displayed by us."

"We're talking about an enormous amount of work!"
exclaimed Fantini in amazement.
"Yes, in the world of men and women, people do not suddenly change simply because they have crossed the ocean from one continent to another ... The same applies to the realm of spirits."

"Some time ago," Ernesto pointed out, "I read some messages of trustworthy discarnate spirits telling about their suffering and conflicts in the lower zones; individuals who, by the way, seemed to possess vast intellectual capabilities."
"That's nothing to marvel at. Due to the demands of our needs, we ourselves are living in one such region that is located close to incarnate individuals."
"But I'm referring to the horrific or unhappy regions that I heard so many lectures about, and where our brothers and sisters suffer terribly."
"Fantini," explained the instructor, "we must realize that those places are not unhappy; rather, the brothers and sisters who populate them are. Do the gardens and orchards around an insane asylum cease to be gardens and orchards merely because their flowers and fruit are enjoyed by un-well persons?"

"I'm not following."

"Well, my friend, the sometimes enormous areas of space occupied by legions of suffering or disturbed souls are circumscribed and guarded, no matter how large they are, just like places on the earth used by large institutions for the recovery of mental patients. You are aware of the fact that there are mentally ill patients who spend most of their lives in asylums.
The same happens here. There is a vast territory around our colony that is used as an asylum for thousands of maladjusted brothers and sisters that are looked after and watched over by many beneficent organizations that work in the area of fraternal assistance."
Evelina couldn't believe what she was hearing. She interrupted, dissatisfied:
"But ... if we are on a plane in the spirit world, how do you explain all these solid buildings that resemble earth's architecture?"
"That's nothing extraordinary if we remember that buildings in the world of humans originate in the thought that designs them and the matter that conforms to the blueprints.
Here, the process is the same, the only difference lying in the nature of matter, which is much more malleable to the influence of the dominant idea.
Let's recall the current progress of the plastics industry down on the physical plane and we will most surely understand the immense possibilities for elegant and complex buildings here. Of course, here too we are still subject to techniques, vocations, personal talent and stylistic creations in the circle of individual spiritual achievements. The architect who plans a house and the builder who follows his directions, cannot immediately take the place of the manager of a textile factory and the worker who follows his or her orders. Also, here a writer does not all of a sudden and without proper training compose the works of a musician. We are evolving creatures who have not yet reached the state of multi-faceted geniuses, although such geniuses also do in fact exist here."

Mrs. Serpa couldn't hide her disbelief .
''All this seems so implausible," she said.
"Nothing is more implausible to us than the truth," objected brother Claudio. "Nonetheless, reality does not stop being reality just because for a long time we have opted for illusion instead."
The professor continued to speak for several minutes regarding the life and conditions of their present habitat, but finally Evelina felt lightheaded, tired and temporarily unable to follow any more explanations. However, as a woman of deep faith, she took advantage of a pause in the conversation to ask:
"Brother Claudio, I cannot doubt what you're saying, .although it's very difficult for me to believe we are discarnate, .according to what you have said. Please rest assured that I do not wish to waste your guidance in any way, but I would like to get in touch with a priest, a Catholic priest, for instance ... I would he happy if I could continue to go to confession, to exchange ideas freely with a cleric of the faith that shaped my character, without any hindrance to my social life."
The kind instructor smiled sympathetically and explained:
"The Church here is completely different, although in the surrounding areas in which thousands upon thousands of rebellious and troubled minds have congregated, we can…

(end extract of this part)

In chap.11, mr. Ernesto Frantini have his review of his passed life in guidance of ”instructor Ribas”. And Emesto first wonders why he does not remember his (spiritual-) life before he came into the last life or incarnation. Because now he has gradually realized that he is no longer in the physical life. His guide then says: (still from book AND LIFE GOES ON – of F.C.Xavier)

(From page84=>)

"Besides being a stage of learning, healing, redemption or a specific task, life in the physical body is also a long immersion in magnetic conditioning, through which we act in the world, leading us to do what we need to do. In terms of our own conscience, free will remains alive and untouched, since the incarnate individual is at liberty to choose his or her own direction in every circumstance. However, during incarnation, the souls remaining potentialities continue to be guided towards this or that endeavor according to the commitments it had assumed or had been forced to assume before incarnating.
"This fact causes our past memories to become veiled,
which is only a temporary phenomenon that is longer or shorter depending on one's degree of evolution."
"So, while in the physical realm we were under the influence of an extended hypnosis?"
"To a certain degree, yes. The passage through the maternal womb, the new name chosen by the family, the seven years of semi-consciousness in the parental household's atmosphere, the recapitulation of childhood, the return to adolescence and the problems of adulthood, with its consequent responsibilities and commitments, build in us - the eternal individuality - a new personality, which we incorporate into our trove of experiences.
It only makes sense that during the time immediately after discarnation, our long-term memory is still hermetically sealed in the depths of our being, This situation is only temporary, of course. Bit by bit, our memories come back to us."
"So, you're telling me that here in this city I am still Emesto Fantini, the human personality with the name that was given tonme in the existence I left behind, and that the examination of my previous memories is being deferred until later?"
  "Exactly. Each one of us lives here in centers of work and renewal in a realm dose to the physical one, using the same name by which we were known there. Until we promote ourselves to higher spheres through our own merit, we must remain between Higher Spirituality and the Physical Stage, working on our personal development from our internment in the cradle to our deliverance to the spirit life, and then regressing from the freedom of the spirit life to a new internment in the cradle. Understand?"
"So, we are examined here by what we were and what we did during our latest past life?"

"That's right "

"As far as our personal file is concerned we remain just as we always have been until. .. "
"Until the circumstances indicate that it is time for a new immersion in the physical body as the only way to proceed with our personal evolution in the struggles of the life eternal.”

''Are we exactly as we always were in every way, even our morphological characteristics?"

"Not really. Any morphological traits can be modified under the influence of mental commands. This happens all the time in the human world itself. It isn't hard for science to modify the
implements of an individual's reproductive apparatus in accordance with the psychological impulses that that individual displays, thereby harmonizing the body-soul duality. Moreover, we mustn’t forget the multiform uses of plastic surgery, which can work wonders on peoples physical envelope if they deserve the improvements that generous and optimistic earthly science offers them."
Fantini was pleasantly surprised by the mental dexterity with which the Instructor placed the precise explanations in his enlightenment -thirsty mind.

"My dear friend," he stated, "although I've already discussed this topic with Brother Claudio, I would like to hear what you have to say about it ... He said that some of the dead -even the knowledgeable ones - spend years and years tormented in the lower regions before regaining their lucidity and peace of mind; why didn't I have to go through that if I really am discarnate and a man aware of his wrongs?"
"The state of tribulation you are referring to pertains to the spirit and not the place. Many of us discarnates experience times of difficulty in certain places that reflect our personal inner turmoil. This anomaly can last for a long time, depending on our inclinations and the effort we make to accept ourselves _imperfect as we still are - even though we are aware of our need to evolve as established by the laws of life. For the time being, we are indebted consciences or we are examples of deficient evolution before the Greater Life. We bear the duty of purging our flaws through honest, constant labor. As long as we are imbalanced after discarnation - an imbalance that is always worsened by our non-conformity, rebelliousness, pride or despair, which in turn threatens the safety of others - it makes sense for us to remain interned or isolated in certain regions along with those who display disturbances or conflicts similar to our own. We are like mental patients who cannot live at home so that they can receive the treatment they need."
"So, notions about being punished by God. .. "
"It is understandable why we have to believe them until we learn that Divine Providence governs us through wise and impartial laws. We all punish ourselves according to the article of the Heavenly Statutes that we have broken. Eternal justice operates in the inner forum of each individual and determines that responsibility be measured according to one's level of knowledge."
"Instructor Ribas, in light of all this, how are we to regard the hell invented by the religions down on earth?"
"We need to address the subject with the respect it demands, because, for millions of souls, their mental torment alongside others in the same situation can be rightly compared to the suffering described by the theological hell imagined by human belief systems. But seriously speaking, and bearing in
mind the reality that God never forsakes us, hell should be seen as a kind of asylum where we suffer the consequences of our wrongs, which, in fact, we committed against ourselves. It is easy to understand that the region in which we linger in this grievous situation is a representation of the unhappy mental pictures that we create and project around us."
"I would dare to probe so many issues because I believe wholeheartedly that there is no way that I deserve the generosity being shown to me ... I have enjoyed a peacefulness here that I would not expect, since I bear within me a painful problem of conscience."
"One of the functions of our Institution is precisely that of supporting discarnate brothers and sisters who arrive here with their moral integrity undamaged, but bearing guilt complexes that can drive them to making greater changes. Our help is rendered more effective the stronger the individual's faith regarding his or her potential for overcoming the weaknesses that are peculiar to us. Your psychological structure has immunized you against the delirium of many good and worthy people, who must often undergo cleansing afflictions in the large asylums we mentioned earlier, in order to heal the imbalances they so often fell into for having given the wrong direction to the love with which they were nourished."
Ribas paused, smiled and stated:
"Even so, despite your splendid level of resistance, you are not shielded from the consequences of what you did and you must face them as soon as possible."
"Please, explain what you mean."
"We mean to say that you must have enough peace of mind to go to those you left behind in the world so that they can understand both yourself and them ...
In the physical realm we often hear it said that one must have courage to see and hear the dead! The situation here is no different in relation to the so- called living. Generally speaking, all of us are taken immediately after discarnation to preparatory courses in understanding in order to acquire the courage we need to see and hear the living again, without harming either them or us."
"Ernesto's eyes nearly popped our of their sockets at hearing these warnings. Heavy tears ran down his face, while, as if due to the pressure of invisible springs forcing him to blurt out the
thoughts of guilt hidden in the recesses of his soul, he fell on his knees before his benefactor like a frightened child and blurted:
. "Instructor, as far as I know, I'm guilty of only one wrong, but it is enough to have created many hells in my mind. I killed a friend more than twenty years ago, and I've never had a moment's peace since ... I knew he held shameful intentions for my wife as he followed her comings and goings ... I saw him watching my house while I was away ... On occasion, I heard him speaking inappropriately to the woman who shared my name ... One day I thought I saw in my wife's eyes a certain inclination toward this enemy of my peace of mind, and before I could confirm my suspicions, I rook advantage of what seemed the right moment and shot him while three of us were hunting quail ... I shot to kill. With my plan satisfied, I hid in the brush until the third hunter found the body and sounded the alarm ...

The victim landed on the ground in such away that it looked to everybody like it had been an accident ... Horrified at my crime, I eagerly went along with this wrong interpretation ...
But I never recovered my peace of mind. Like myself, the man I killed was married, and I never got up the courage to look for his family, who was anxious to forget the tragedy and left the area soon afterward ... However, I couldn’t forget ... It seemed like the death I had caused brought my fearsome enemy right into my own home ... After that horrific event I began to feel his presence as a relentless shadow that mocked and insulted me without the others ever noticing it ... I felt shackled to him there as if the wretch was growing more alive and stronger every day…

Before the surgery that resulted in my coming here, there were very few nights when I didn't struggle with him in my dreams ...
I would wake up as if we had fought a deadly duel, only to see him with the eyes of my imagination, sharing my daily life! ...Ah! Instructor Ribas! Instructor Ribas! ... In the name of God, tell me if there is a cure for me! … After death I expected a place of punishment where the powers of hell would charge me for the crime I had hidden from earth's justice; but here, I'm enjoying a kind of care that only deepens my inner torment! …. Ah! .. My friend, my friend, what will become of me? I can't stand myself."
Having said this, Fantini embraced his counselor, sobbing like a helpless boy begging for safety.
The Instructor gathered him in a fatherly embrace and consoled him:
"Compose yourself, my son! ... We are eternal spirits and God, our Father, will never leave us helpless."
Ribas' eyes held tears that didn't fall. It seemed that he, the competent guide, had had his own experience with such suffering of conscience, because, rather than reprimanding Ernesto, he patted his tired head, which he had rested on his knees, and concluded simply:
"God's justice does not come without the support of mercy. Let's be trustful!"
And without further delay, Ribas got up, visibly moved, turned off the mirror and ended the session.


Later in the book – from chap. 13 – is told how these two ”new-comers” were taken into a group – who…
worked as helpers or rescuers on a lower plane.

(This is some quite similar to what we can read in the fantastic book SEVEN STEPS TO ETERNITY (taken down by Steven Turoff) – and the onlinebook A WANDERER IN THE SPIRIT LAND by Franchezzo  (both also translated to norwegian/danish-links on site above-link + audiobooks).
Extract from page 100….:

”After they had crossed a broad area of the landscape, Ernesto and Evelina couldn't hide their astonishment. A thick fog of several shades of gray formed a dividing line along the whole- border. For the first time, they saw in the sky the flying machine, that were on their way from the city to the land of darkness. They looked like huge, silent butterflies reflecting the sunlight with wings that seemed to be made of bits of the rainbow. )*

)*some kind of interdimensional “ufo”- which they use as protection when “diving into a lower level” – like we on physical earth, use divingbells when penetrating into the depths of the physical oceans. Rø-rem.)

Fantini immediately asked about them and Claudio
explained kindly:
"Those are flying devices that work teams use for travelling on tasks of identification and assistance."
"Is the region that big?"
"Imagine an enormous planetary desert surrounded by orderly, prosperous cities and you will get a precise idea of what goes on there.”
"And those who travel by air: since they are discarnate, wouldn’t it be easier for them to do without these vehicles and just use volitation )*?"

)* A spirit's ability to move through the air without touching the ground. - Tr.

 The leader smiled and considered:
"Everything in life is governed by laws. A bird has wing and flees the burning field because it cannot tolerate the cloud of smoke. A fireman wears protective clothing in order to get into a burning house."

And he added:
"We are headed for a dangerous expanse of space, inhabited by thousands of rebellious spirits, who have constructed their desolate environment with their own deranged thoughts. There, in that different world, we see the strangest constructions, all of them caricatures of the homes, their owners misused during their physical experience. It is a veritable forest of condensed fluids, out-picturing the ideas, habits, ambitions, caprices, remorse and regret of its dwellers. That segment of the lower regions is in a completely anarchical state. Individualism distorts the idea of freedom without the beneficial constraints of discipline, which makes us truly free of rough willing submission to the provisions of God's Laws."
''And why does God allow the formation of such huge pockets of disturbance and disorder?" asked Ernesto in a dash of human logic.

"Ah, my friend!" answered Brother Claudio, "Whenever we ask our Superiors why Divine Providence doesn’t interfere with the mind corrupted by evil, the invariable answer is that the Creator demands that individuals be left free to choose the kind of evolutionary path that seems best to them, be it an avenue of stars or a pathway of mire. God wants all his children to have their own individuality, to believe in him as they can, to preserve the tendencies and preferences that are most in keeping with their way of being, to work however and as much as they please, and to live wherever they want. He only demands - and strictly - that justice be done and respected. 'To each according to his deeds.'
Through the Laws of Life we will all receive according to what we have done, how much we have done, and how we have done it.

In accordance with the Divine Precepts, we can live and associate with others in keeping with the patterns of choice and affection we have chosen. However, on any plane of consciousness, from the lowest to the most sublime, harm to one's neighbor, affronts against others, criminality and ingratitude reap painful and unavoidable re-adjustments according to the principles of cause and effect, imposing dire punishment on offenders. We are free to develop, cultivate and perfect our tendencies, but we must abide by the Statures of the Eternal Good, whose articles and clauses state that the guarantees of our own well-being are based and maintained on goodness for all and selfless assistance to others."
Reaching the dark border of the strange hamlet, ragged and alienated individuals began to appear here and there.

One could not say that they were similar to the poverty- stricken street beggars down on the earth. Some of the inhabitants of those vast outskirts, seemed like pride or indifference had turned them into spiritually distant creatures. Others appeared full of irony
and scorn because of the jeering mimicry with which they pointed at or addressed the travelers. Almost all wore strange clothing, each depicting the status and decorations which they believed were theirs.
To one of Fantini's questions - he and Evelina were the only newcomers on the assistance team - Claudio replied:

"Generally speaking, the thousands of brothers and sisters who live in this region do not accept themselves as they are. They have grown so accustomed to the often- necessary likenesses of the physical experience, that they feel offended by the truth. They lived years and years in the physical realm enjoying this or that benefit by means of the superficial values they proudly displayed, and they don’t accept the suppression of the illusion and imaginary privileges that used to nourish them ... Like Narcissus, they are fixated on their own image in the past ... After discarnation many of them went directly from their physical life to that gloomy place, whereas others came to live in cities of recovery and education similar to ours. However, as they gradually revealed themselves as they really are, without any of the disguises they utilized on the earth to hide their true 'self', they rebelled against the light of the spirit world, because it exposes one's true nature to everyone else, and they fled our communities, taking refuge in this valley of darkness that they themselves have created.

There, in the penumbra created by their own mental energies for the purpose of hiding themselves, they give way in varying degrees to the manifestations of the paranoia they cultivate, and in many cases they give in to deplorable passions, which, in vain, they try to satiate until they almost go crazy."

( RØ-rem: this is exactly as told in the small book THE ROAD TO PARADISE, of the Danish wiseman MARTINUS. + pdf made of the online-version of book | audio upreading made of this online-version  Buy book link here. )

"Brother Claudio," asked Evelina, "have you ever gone much beyond the border of one of these places?"
"Using different vehicles, I have gone on several missions of fraternity and assistance very far from where we are at the moment."

"And what did you see?"

"Cities, towns, villages and hamlets, where spirits with vigorous and educated but deeply perverted minds dominate huge groups of spirits who are unable to control such situations, but who are usually as perverted as the former."

Claudio smiled and explained:
"When I use the word 'perverted' , the purpose is not to judge our brothers and sisters who temporarily dwell in the darkness. I merely want to qualify, for the comprehension of those who just recently arrived from the physical life, the situation of these sick friends. In fact, we consider them to be as sick as our mentally alienated brothers and sisters in any asylum down on the earth, and they deserve the best care we can give. With utmost respect, we know that large numbers of fathers, mothers, husbands, wives, children and loved ones of the spirits roaming these gloomy regions reside here due to pure dedication, working as anonymous heroes in an admirable apostolate of love and self-denial on behalf
of those who harden their hearts in wrongdoing so as to help them recover their necessary balance and prepare for the new reincarnations awaiting them ... These models of goodness and patience might seem to be enslaved to the unfortunate ones they love, but because of their humble sacrifice they end up working miracles through the irresistible force of example."

Ambrosio's simple house could be seen in the distance, when Fantini showed that he wanted to continue on the subject:
 "Brother Claudio, generally speaking, are there many spirits who are rescued by the loving dedication of those who watch over them in these places?"

''Absolutely. Each day our places of readjustment receive small or large groups of those who long for self-renewal."

"And do they stay in the city indefinitely?"

"No. With few exceptions, they stay with us long enough to prepare for a new reincarnation, in which they return to the disguises of the flesh, and without which they do not believe they can continue on the pathways of regeneration. Between the exhaustion of their mind's darkness, while in the errant state and the terror of the spiritual light, which they don't believe they can endure without extensive preparation, they beg for help from Divine Providence, and Divine Providence grants them a new immersion in the physical armor. There, they can hide once again while struggling for their correction and spiritual growth, temporarily covered with the material body, which little by little wears out, revealing once again the good or evil they have done to themselves during incarnation. When they receive the loan of a new body, they are usually born alongside those who were their accomplices in the follies of the past, or those who are attuned to them through the same kinds of debts and resultant repayments. These candidates for expiatory recapitulation of the past beg for measures against themselves, either in a home environment that does not match their ideals or in the formation of the future body, they will use. Many times they want some of its functions to be blocked, thus wisely inhibiting beforehand the inferior tendencies that led to their downfall in the past."

"Does this mean that they themselves ask for specific limitations for their own disadvantage?" asked Fantini with his usual sharp reasoning.

"Yes indeed. That is why there are great talents who are frustrated regarding the direction they would like their lives to take; astute minds that are barred from any academic accolades early on, forcing them to work as obscure artisans or to carry out simpler tasks in a lengthy and painful condition of sub-altimetry, where they learn humility, balance, peace and moderation; artists who are frustrated regarding their highest aspirations, dragging around physical defects and other limitations that temporarily prevent the manifestation of their talents, but under which they will reeducate their impulses with necessary respect for the sentiments of others; women with an enormous capacity for love shackled to unsightly bodies, learning through terrible afflictions of the soul the pain of having deserted home and having despised the commitments of motherhood; dynamic and energetic men bearing insidious and hidden frustrations that keep them from the organic pleasures in the physical realm so that they can work on the spirit of understanding and charity in the core of their souls."

This enlightening explanation was received as an unforgettable lesson in the spirits of the listeners. It was suddenly interrupted by the greetings of Ambrosio and Priscila, who were waiting outside for the pilgrims.
Greetings, good wishes, blessings and joy.

The Gospel at Home took place next, displaying the same characterisrics as the practice followed in the Christian homes down on the earth.

However, inside that simple abode invaluable spiritual support was extended to the suffering friends in the vicinity.
Longing for peace and transformation, twenty-two spirits twenty women and two men - had come from the great fog nearby to hear what Brother Claudio had to say.
 The tasks unfolded along the same patterns of the evangelical sessions down on the earth, supplemented by the well-known Christian Spiritist standards that allow for the respectful but free interpretation of the Lord's teachings.

Toward the end of the session there were passes )* for comforting in addition to messages of clarification, advice and tenderness.

)* [Passes are) a transfusion of energy, altering the cellular field. ... In magnetic
assistance, spiritual resources are blended between emission and reception, helping
the individual in need to help him or herself. A.Luiz, In the Realms of Mediumship chap.
17, International Spiritist Council. - Tr.
"Passes are the transmission of spiritual and psychic enerqies," (Emmanuel, Question
#99, O Consolador (The Consoler), International Spiritist Council, 1993). - Tr.

Ernesto and Evelina had an opportunity to serve, as their guide appointed them to soothe the suffering of two of the visiting sisters bathed in tears after hearing Claudio's remarks.
Outside the house the team was engaged in edifying conversation as they said their goodbyes to the humble attendees of the evangelical sowing, when out of the fog came a small group of scornful, demented spirits.

There was an explosion of swearing, mixed with derision and vulgarity.
Wishing to alert everybody, especially the two recruits, Claudio advised:
"Don't be concerned. This is normal here."
''You bastards' Get out; get out of here!" )* roared one of the attackers in an uncommonly loud voice. "We don't want any sermons, nor have we asked for any advice."

)* We understand the inappropriateness of these pejorative quotes; nonetheless, although distasteful, we believe that the reactions of these unfortunate spirits interned in sanatorium-like or purgatorial regions must appear in the present account so that we may not evade the truth. - Auth.

 When the volley of insults had subsided, Claudio stated loudly but firmly:
"Brothers! ... For those of you who desire a new life with Jesus, we are your truest friends at the moment! ... Come and be truly free! Join us in Christ!"

"You hypocrites!" roared the same voice, followed by sarcastic laughter from many of the others. "We have nothing to do with Jesus! Impostors! You are just like us, only dressed in saintly cloaks!      
 We are the ones who call you to freedom!

…Cast off your wings of clay! Crippled angels! Decked-out dogs! You are as human as we are! If you are brave, stop behaving like old mules muzzled by discipline and come and be as free as we are!"
That said, the mob advanced toward the fraternal group, but Claudio, obviously in prayer, raised his right hand and a ray of light crossed the short distance to the aggressors.
The throng of wretched spirits halted abruptly, terrified.
Some fell to the ground as if traumatized by an uncontrollable force; others resisted, spewing insults, while others fled in a stampede ... Nevertheless, among those who were still standing, a young man cried out in an unforgettable tone of voice:
"Evelina!... Evelina!...Is that you? Oh' I' m alive – we are alive. I want Jesus! Jesus! Help! Help! I want Jesus!"

Claudio agreed compassionately.
"Come! ... Come!"
The young man tore himself from the gang, went in the direction indicated by Claudio, and in a few moments Mrs. Serpa, trembling and filled with consternation, found herself before Tulio Mancini, the same young man whom she had loved so much in the past, and whom she was convinced had been east lost to the darkness of suicide because of her.


Chapter 13-15 describes another  mission for Evelina, where she was to help one of her earlier love-affairs from her own last physical life, who was also a kind of imprisoned on one (lower-) level of the astral. He Tulio Mancini - was not aware of having passed over to the side of the dead - just like many described in this book. Similar described in many of the Rampa-books f.x in  After being nearly sucked into old feelings with him she was able to get help from her own (invisible-) guides, and managed to go further.


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others wrote on the book:

  Frederico Gouveia (Aventura, Florida USA)

This review is from: And Life Goes On... (Andre Luiz collection) (Paperback)

This book demonstrates the amazing beauty, wisdom and organization that exists in the spiritual plane which we are all destined to go to sooner or later, and its constant interaction with the material plane which we are in now. This book is a powerful aid and a vigorous boost for the soul and spirit inside all of us. Written in the universal language of love, it transcends all cultural barriers and sends out a powerful message that we are all eternal beings, living through the school of many lives that we call Earth. I sincerely hope and pray that the other books by Andre Luiz be translated into English, because not only are they wonderful novels, but also they are a gateway to spiritual awareness and growth that is essential to all of us as a civilization in order to evolve.



  OTHER wrote:

“As all the other books from André Luiz, this is exceptionally good and simple. Unpretentious, he does not want to write to intellectuals and win literary prizes, but to ordinary people. Too bad the rest of André Luiz has not yet being translated to English...


  It's amazing to get to know how life can be for one of us who led a usual life under the principles of a conventional religion on earth; and suddenly...the after-life reality with the chance to know who we really are, what those we lived with really think of us,and what consequences our attitude finally brought to our present life, out of the body. Evelyn,a young woman, lives all this in this great report of André Luiz. This work made me reflect on why we're here; why we laugh or suffer and what we have made out of our old religious habits as well as why not be careful to avoid some of Evelyn's surprises, by sowing true love around our steps.


This book is very easy to read and it truly displays how the three laws of spirituality, justice, love and charity applies to one's life, both during and beyond the grave. Life is a constant struggle, and our souls are in a constant bind and struggle to learn and expiate to become a better more pure soul through moral ascendancy.

The story of this young woman is an astonishing account that could only be written by someone of a higher plane with a good purpose and lesson in mind. Whenever reading books such as these I always see myself as the true brute that I am, no where near the beauty of these souls. A must read, god bless all.


This book is very inspiring; the detailed description of an of after-life experience teaches us about several different aspects of Kardec's doctrine on a very efficient way. Impossible not to be drawn to the story and to this wonderful explanation of our purpose in life here and beyond.

The translation is good; as close as possible to what would be said in Portuguese.


This book has the same logic as the spirit's book by Allan Kardec. It is about a faith with logical reasons, it explains the reason behind the life based on the doctrine developed by professor Allan Kardec. It is a book for those who believe tere's something after death, but do not agree with the simplist explanation of the other religions. In Brazil there's a religion based on the spirit's book. And the great difference between this and the others religions, is that all answers to the questions you may have, are based on logical foundations.


  this book is right up their with Nosso Lar and The Messengers. Another truly wise and inspiring as well as informative channeled book from the spirit world. It gets you thinging about the here and now as well as the here after. Time is so valuable and the more one can learn about important matters the better prepared one can be. I feel this book helps elimante fear of death and dying alone for it tells of no death and never being alone. Bravo Francisco Xavier


  This book tells the stories of relationships in the physical and spiritual worlds and how they interweave for a divine purpose. Very inspiring and well written. If you have an interest in the After Life experience, Xavier's books (as told by Andre Luiz) are a must read.


from some online from this book


  Regarding the higher dimensions- this is translated from the book -report  of the alleged 'walk-in' - Tore Alfstad's;  "En alternativ kosmologi" (an alternative cosmology):

on the theme;


"Chapter 5 is titled ITM - isotechnical transformation – on an entirely new and pioneering nuclear physics. I am of the conviction that the substance here touches the source of future energy supply to the Earth physical plane. But these are methods that not in detail supposedly will appear until or before the prevailing power structure - economic and military - is changed into being in harmony with the cosmic laws based on unison cooperation, ‘the giving principle’ and selfless love.


The following is an excerpt from Chapter 5:

The law of ‘energy planes’ are as follows: the steering/governing POWER -"NATURAL LAWS" - IN AN ENERGY PLANE, is due to reactions between the particles in the overlying ENERGY PLANE. This means that the manipulation of the overlying energy levels, may alter the natural laws of the underlying energy level. The law of conservation of energy applies only within each energy level. By TRANSFORMATIONS BETWEEN DIFFERENT ENERGY PLAN, DO NOT APPLY THIS LAW. This means that with little energy in energy level 2, you can create a maximum in the energy plane 1

The maximum energy factor energy plane 1 is determined by how many photons there is space for such per f x  cubic millimeter.

Later in the same chapter:

A single ITM Power Station may be powerful enough to replace all electric power stations that currently exist on Earth. ITM is the most powerful method of energy production in "humpnap"(= human nature plane)= (our dimension/"known world")

This is compared to the nuclear power -  far superior. ITM is really a principle and not an energy source. By using the ITM is it possible to do more things than with conventional energy is possible and so difficult to perform. For example, matter transmission (teleportation), three-dimensional copying, time travel, repeal of gravity, etc. For those of humpnap observable objects in space, it has only quasars that can get their energy directly from ITM. The object that is called for a black hole is also an ITM zone. It ends up in the hole is transformed into the energy plan 2 Gravitons to the matter being taken of the black hole will remain as a cloud around this and some rays into space.

Viewed from the upper ethereal nature plane, a black hole look like a brilliant star, then one of these natural plan can perceive gravity as light. The light we perceive, they experience there as something resembling water. The black hole is formed when the gravitelle field forces passing one whose critical value. In the same way, we formed ITM zones by electric and magnetic field strengths above a critical threshold. A ball lightning as a result of the electric field strength has formed a momentary ITM corner. Some of the air (matter to energy level 1 in the area), as has been sucked into the zone and thus on energy plan 2 Ball lightning is a result that the matter has only partially succeeded in this transformation process, and the matter therefore falls back to energy level 1 for a time if. It is then released large quantities of electrons. ITM zones can also occur in twister of a category called thunderstorm pumps. A thunderstorm pump can be a port through hyper-space to other natural planes. ITM can thus be formed by critically large gravity. The zone is called here a black hole.

end extract of this book report  | from some online - of this book of Xavier