Philosophy given and transferred by the IARGA contactteam. 

Part 2

But the thoughts is transformed by Stefan Denaerde

(And it is also to remark that since the author was a Catholic Christian - the material here brought is in a great part imprinted, distinguished by that in the way he here describes the fighting between light and darknes- or God and Satan as here expressed. R.Ø.remark.)

Our collective spirit.

All human knowledge remains within the closed circuit of the Earth's consciousness, according to the law of conservation. We live in splendid isolation, shut out from the rest of the universe. Next to our material memory, each human being has an immaterial and infallible (ufeilbarlig) memory that houses in our vibration double or life principle, the exact duplicate of our body as it was meant to be (in immaterial energy). Every cell is present with the exception of fat and tumours (svulst). All the hairs of your head are numbered, as are your deeds. This immaterial memory is alas unable to be proved, but there are strong signs that it exists. For example, under hypnosis, a person seems to be able to remember the strangest things that happened in his childhood, things that his brain-memory has long forgotten.

Plants and animals have a similar memory; a plant that is connected to a lie detector demonstrates quite clearly that it can remember which person has mishandled it or shown aversion to it in any way. Although these types of test can be verified scientifically, they are more often than not rejected as providing proof of an immaterial memory, but this will all change when it is discovered that even an atomic field (also a vibration double) has a memory. As we said earlier, the problem with the Creation is that everything turns out to be immortal, even machines. Everything in which human creativity has been invested remains, under the law of conservation, within the Earth-consciousness, and can be recalled at any time by a consciousness that has the power of mind over matter as we will, some time in the future.

So, not only our vibration double has a memory, but also the Earth's vibration double, and then in the form of the earlier described knowledge-field. This field is not only contained in the material memory in the form of films, books, machines, buildings, and so on, but also, and in the first place, in the immaterial memory, the vibration double. From this, every material form can be recalled, from plants to radios; the only thing being that then a specimen of the sort appears, and not a particular example. Only man has an individual life-field, and remains in existence as an individual.

For the moment we will remain by the immaterial knowledge-field of Earth, the collective spirit of mankind. As has been said, we are flesh engaged in becoming spirit, we are creating the spirit with the new identity of the Partner, and this is a dualistic spirit because we are dualistic.

The collective Spirit does not live, and is therefore not a part of the life reflection of the Father, and therefore does have the new identity; and He will later create the new life. Before we continue with a description of this Spirit, it is interesting to find out whether any proof exists of His existence. There appears to be proof enough, even accompanied by well documented reports concerning an American, Edgar Cayce.

This man was a medium who could contact the Spirit, and at such moments he possessed the Spirit as a personal memory and spoke in the "I" or 'WE' form. Exactly as in the ABSOLUTE, he only used that part of the Spirit that belonged by his character, and in this case it was knowledge concerning matters of health.

His achievements were fantastic; he came up with knowledge of the living and the dead that only the person himself could have known. He could 'find' the body of someone who was ill at a distance of a thousand kilometers, and diagnose his illness. He prescribed special medicines that often caused a rapid recovery; and often he prescribed medicines that were still secret and not in production. When he was in contact with someone who was ill, even at long distances, and the person died during the seance, he knew it immediately, to the second. A comprehensive study of his achievements has been made, and proof is present in abundance.

Telepathic contacts take place through the vibration double or the life-field of humans, because all are bound to the one knowledge field with one Ego-consciousness, also the dead, because the life-field is timeless.

The only difference being that the dead are composed totally of the life-field, and so they experience such contact directly, and we as 'a rule do not.


The Ego of our Spirit.

It is suprising to hear what our collective consciousness in fact represents. He speaks as a person with an ego, and answers every question. He knows everything, but everything, that has ever taken place by mankind, and has not only knowledge of the facts, but possesses fantastic wisdom and insight. For example, he knows with photographic precision exactly what airships, rockets, and atomic weapons used by the primeval gods looked like - for as far as they were ever seen by human beings. The smallest detail of modern computers, or how a rocket can be placed on the moon is known to him; He knows so much and possesses such knowledge and wisdom that He could sometimes be mistaken for God himself. (As Lobsang Rampa says - our higher self or OVERSELF knows EVERYTHING. R.Ø.remark.)

It does not matter how many people know something, as long as one knows, that is enough. We do not have to worry that the knowledge of science and technology will remain the secret of an elite group; each person, even those from the stone age, will be able to speak from a personal memory, as does this Ego-consciousness of the Spirit of mankind. Obviously, he will only be able to use that part that fits with his character, but he will know the rest as well. This collective memory is like a gigantic construction, the result of all our toils, in which each person has laid a stone. A person is then effectively present in this memory, and everything that he has ever known is available from this data bank; all the memories of happiness and suffering are present, and can be relived.

The spirit knows even the most horrific things, but they do not disturb Him, He is not alive and does not (yet) love. He is Spirit - the collective Ego of our knowledge and experience, but He has no love-will, and is therefore not creative. Discussion with him is not possible, he knows what he knows, and that is that. He does not speak for himself, but repeats what he has heard. He has a billion-fold ego-consciousness, and yet he is alone, just like the original ABSOLUTE. He is not happy or unhappy, He just IS. He regards humanity as the input for His computer in which every thought is registered simply because it is indestructable; He is already an ocean of consciousness. Lastly, He also seems to know the future; not the predestinations, but pure advance knowledge concerning the outcome of coincidences; He knows the future of each individual up to and including the moment of death. The quantity of information is astonishing, it is unbelievable what humanity has done and experienced, He has ego-consciousness that exceeds our wildest imagination.

The process in which every human being makes this memory personal, takes place after death. The integration process takes some hundreds of years, and many of the dead have already gained this knowledge, as we will. In death, man becomes part of a wonderful existence in a level of Godly consciousness (Nirwana). After relinquishing all desires, he or she reaches a situation of peace and serenity brought about by the breathtaking knowledge and experience that is constantly updated by the new knowledge and experience of the living generation. They become new gods in embryo who, one day, all together, will reach the new unanimity (enstemmighet) through which the immortal life of the new partner will be created.


The realm of the dead.

(and remark that this is written long before all todays NEAR-DEATH-BOOKS were available. R.Ø.remark.)

The only information that I was given concerning this subject was that necessary to provide a general impression of the development process. To begin with, the realm of the dead contains no frightening elements; we come from the realm of the not yet living spirit, and we return to it again, changed; so everything strikes us as being familiar. Every being experiences this process of realization differently; some people are taken in the prime (-beste) of their lives, and in the beginning do not realize that they are dead; for example, some ask for petrol for the car in which they were riding, and this is an example of just how little shocking death can be.

Others are sometimes quite shocked because they have never believed that they would continue to exist after death, but nobody dies alone; parents, family, friends, and loved ones await to welcome us and help us to understand our new situation, and to relax. We exist in our life-field, and exact copy of own body as it should be; we hear and see quite normally. A life field contains a point of light for every cell, and seeing that our bodies are made up of billions of cells, we look quite normal and are recognizable to others. Furthermore, we are dressed, and this is also the case for primitive peoples that were used to running around naked in this life.

This is the realm of the Spirit, of thought forms and thoughts, of recollections and memory, of knowledge and experience. The body does not interest us any more, and so we see nothing more than the hands or feet and the face that serve to identify someone.

The life-fields of plants and trees are also recognizable, and are present in perfect form, with an abnormal amount of branches, leaves and flowers; the life-fields of plants are not exactly determined, but contain all possibilities of the sort which gives them a rather artificial appearance. Animals are also present, but we only become aware of them when we have a special band with them in some way or another. In clairvoyant circles, they refer to this place as the 'summer land', and this is a perfect name for these pleasant, friendly surroundings. Christ referred to it as the paradise when he spoke to one of the thieves who was crucified with him, and this is a more exact description. The paradise is, as we have explained, the 'program reserve' of the life-fields of all living things, including the sort-consciousness 'Man'. An impression of the sort has become an individual being by the addition of a soul, and this immortal individual returns to the place from whence he came totally changed. One sort produces billions of individuals, ane this continual stream of returning souls is met and guided until each one has become acclimatized and is at peace. In this paradise they experience a sphere of serenity and rest in the light of truth. The light is the most impressive thing in the paradise; it creates an exalted feeling of release and serenity, with at the same time a strong realization of individuality, of ' I'm here, who would have thought it'. They realize fully who they are, and family ties play a much stronger role than they did on Earth. They are purely that which they have done, their work, creativity, and love; a man lives on in his works and this is not only true for the people remaining on Earth, but more so for the dead. They are spirit, memories, knowledge, and experience; they know their lives from minute to minute as though they had access to a dossier or a film. The period of coming to terms with the past life begins; satisfaction and remorse constantly replace each other, and eventually a certain pattern of affections and aversions emerges; they begin to despise (forakte) certain character traits in themselves, and experience pleasure in developing the characteristics that they recognize as being good.

Next to the factual (virkelige) memory, a polarization pattern develops that compensates the shortcomings in their charaters; a consciousness-component that is still spirit that has to indulge itself and become aware in the life after the resurrection. Their personalities are completed by this process of regret and remorse (anger).

After this process of completion of the personality, the dead begin the next phase of the development. This can be somewhat simply compared to a person shutting themselves up in a gigantic library in which the complete world literature is present complete with a cinema containing all the worlds films. He or she begins to study, but this is where the comparison ceases, because this being is spirit and is therefore knowledge, experience, and wisdom.

He exists purely for and through knowledge, nothing else interests him; and what is more, this learning process is effortless because he has an immaterial and infallible (ufeilbarlig) memory system that only has to see something for a fraction of a second, and it is retained forever. Add to this that this process becomes increasingly faster - as the knowledge increases and an effect is obtained as of entering the collective knowledge of mankind. In this way the dead obtain the earlier mentioned ego-consciousness of mankind, and this is already at a godly level of consciousness. He then lives in an ecstatic condition of happiness and serenity, that has come about through the widening of his consciousness. (Much more information on this theme - life after death - is told in the material of LOBSANG RAMPA - try the book THREE LIVES - R.Ø.remark.)

Then begins the last phase of the development, they become the spectators (tilskuer) of the living generation; in fact they have been this for a long time, but it is easier to explain in this phase.

What is actually going on here is the duplication of the Absolute Spirit, the formation of a new All-character with an unbounded multiple ego-consciousness. Each ego has the new all-knowledge, and therefore experiences every addition to this knowledge. The living generation sends a constant flow of creativity and thought to this knowledge, and the dead who have the ego-consciousness of the knowledge, experience everything as if they were present in the flesh; they live in the living. They take part in every activity, but are unable to change anything by the living; they are and remain spectators, a non manipulation and non creative spirit. The living hold the reins(tømmene), but they are influenced through their sub-conscious where everyone has ties with the knowledge.

All this can be reasoned from the assumption that all knowledge remains within the closed circuit to which it belongs, in this case the Earth's consciousness.

Every deed will become known to our fellow man, no matter how secret it may be; the moment of truth comes to everyone, and we will have to come to terms with our sins. The purpose of the realm of the dead is the fantastic development and forming of every individual; one day, a being will arise with the knowledge, the wisdom, and the experience of tens of thousands of years of humanity; they will be gods who know everything that has ever taken place on Earth, because this forms their identity. These gods will very definitely be human, and as such will continue to perform their Godly creation commission.

Naturally, why should they be any different. The realm of the dead is the first goal of mankind, and participation in the life after the resurrection is dependent upon that development. This means that humanity, after having completed its numbers, will have to completely die out in order to permit the last generation to develop itself individually. To accomplish this, a natural disaster will take place at the end of the transformation process in which all intelligent life will be destroyed. This conclusion comes from the logic of the creation story, and is not a prophesy that comes from foresight. The same conclusion can be made from the submission that our reflection-life is temporary, because we have to create another kind of life ourselves. Life on Earth will have to end and remain this way for many hundreds of years, because otherwise the next phase of the creation process cannot begin. It is essential that mankind understands the necessity for this seeming disaster, because otherwise it will become wasted, and it can elevate the character of an enlightened humanity.

Are you referring to the infamous atomic threat?

That is possible, but n6t necessary. Even though the escalation of the atomic and bacteriological arms threat is too mad to describe, it is clear that you possess the ability to destroy each other or burn each other alive.

We are balancing on the edge of a precipice(stup), but everything depends on what really happens, and happily, I do not know any more than the next man, but I think it unlikely that the heads of state sitting on 'the knob' will dare to burden themselves with the greatest sin against the goal of creation that exists, when even the greatest saboteur of the plan will try to prevent this happening with every power at his disposal (explanation later). The greatest danger to us at the moment is that a great war is started by accident, so we must hope that the safety measures are perfect. (This is nothing to worry about - all is well overlooked from the "gardeners of this planet". Nothing is out of control. Although this may seem as a naiv assertion…. R.Ø.remark.)

A cleaning of the EARTH.

The destruction prepared in "the Word" will take place in a natural disaster which will be triggered by mankind itself, and the trigger will be the unanimity (enstemmighet) in fear that is also shared by the dead because they are directly involved with the living. It was said earlier that the unanimity of a completed humanity results in an almighty impulse together with the fusion of human and Earth matter-consciousness which causes a recoil (rekyl) in the Earth-matter.

Real fear is panic, and this causes confusion; it disturbs the natural order of, for example, the delicate balance that controls the planet's surface. The Earth can be compared to a spinning top that is at the point of falling over; all it needs is a slight knock, and humanity will do this at the critical moment. Our planet is in critical phase; the mass balance in the Earth flywheel has slowly changed, and it only needs a shock to change the angle of the axis. When, by one means or another, a worldwide unanimity in fear manifests itself, this will result in the pole shift, and the Earth will no longer turn on the poles but on two axis which are many degrees apart. The catastrophy will be over within a short time; the Earth's crust will move like the deck of a ship in a storm; the power of the heavens will falter(snuble), and stars will fall from the heavens. Earthquakes will cause volcanos to erupt and death and destruction will be everywhere. The water in the oceans will stampede (løpe/bølge) and flood big land areas, it will become pitch dark, and then the atmosphere will catch fire. Firebolts and heavy thunder follow each other so quickly that it will seem as if gigantic quick firing guns are being used to attack the Earth. Hurricanes will displace huge earth masses, and mountain tops will crash into the valleys. No stone will be left unturned, it will be an inferno without equal. All human works will be destroyed, along with all humanity and the higher animals. Only a small group will be saved, and that by extraterrestial help (explanation follows).

It must be explained that this will be a quick and easy death; the almost almighty fear will put mankind into a state of shock that is close to unconsciousness (narcosis), and the end will be completed with the minimum of suffering. If we, God forbid, should start an atomic war, then suddenly the almighty fear would manifest itself as a shock that would cause the same inferno, only it would be somewhat early, the survivors would be given a quick and merciful death, but the suffering would be much greater. A large part of the world population would not be directly confronted with the atomic inferno, but would realize much later what was awaiting them, and the trigger would be pulled many days later. Further, an atomic or bacteriological annihilation would have other more serious consequences, but I do not know what this means. My feelings tell me that this will never happen, because the consequences of that coincidence have not yet been prepared for.

I must explain that I feel deeply unhappy in my role of prophet of disaster, and I have often played with the idea of omitting (unnlate) these facts from my book; but the total destruction of mankind is such a vital and logical part of the great creation plan that it cannot be omitted for any reason. The omission would be noticed at the first reading, and, having no other choice but to present a complete account to my readers, I will hasten to add that the prediction is of no great importance at the moment because the disaster will be announced (meddelt) by three great signs that no one will be able to mistake. The calming effect of these signs is that they are so unlikely (usannsynlige) that no one will lose any sleep over them.

1. The denial of a personal God here on Earth will be removed, after which mankind will become aware of her dependence on a Godly plan.

2. After this, a world wide religious renaissance will manifest within the existing religions, and at the same time it will become a conviction(forvissning).

3. The most unlikely sign will be the appearance of an anti-godly being who will be able to gain control of the whole world, despite the two miltrary powers. His actions will be so superior that he will be able to ignore the military, and he will terrorize humanity in a frightful way because of his hysterical hate of God.

As long as these signs have not appeared, the natural disasters will not take place.


The creation commission of mankind.

Our commission (her- oppdrag) is almost completed, and we are now living in the last phase. The transformation process from first to second generation is, in principle, complete; the new spirit with the new character and ego is ready for the next phase, and nothing or nobody can destroy Him. We are standing on the brink of fantastic developments and the birth pains of a new time that promise a wonderful future to mankind. Perhaps this can act as a reassurance to the people who think that mankind is doomed because of all the over population problems, the scarcity (mangel) of natural rescourses, hunger, pollution, wars, and the general decay of morals. We are not a failure, we have succeeded in a wonderful way; not much longer, and the pround moment will come when the spirit of mankind can report; humanity present, mission completed. We have added a new and exceptional character to gigantic consciousness that is developing in the universe, but it is not to be praised or condemned; it is a coincidence that is determined by the conditions on our planet. There is no reason whatsoever for a feeling of inferiority(mindreverd), we have succeeded, the epic of man was not written for nothing; but on the other hand, it has become quite clear that we will have to change our ways in many things before we can continue.



The Human Experiment

The disobedience of Man (menneskets ulydighet)

When we look at the history of mankind, the first thing that becomes evident is the dominance of evil. It is a continuing story of occurences of which little good can be told; the struggle for power, wars, slavery, rape, murder, exploitation, etc, etc. The number of people that have died a violent death cannot be guessed, but the figures must run into hundreds of millions; what suffering, and what have we gained by all this, was it not possible to have done everything a little more elegantly? It seems completely logical that every sober thinking being should come to the conclusion that a God of love cannot possibly exist.

The solution to this problem demands a deep insight into the creation process we cannot suffice with stating that the Word was necessarily dualistic. The Earth fulfills an exceptional task in the creation process by having a different transformation cycle than other planets. The most common cycles by the intelligent races are guided by a manifesting God, (and the "nearest" god here in this connection is the overself of the planet EARTH itself - as a divine, real being. R.Ø.remark.) - and this reduces the suffering greatly. This guidance is bound by definite restrictions, of which the most important is that the freedom and the chance character of the race must not be compromised. God cannot and may not force a choice between good and evil, especially when the freedom of choice of the majority is in question; to do this would be in contradiction with the Word, and would therefore be evil in itself. This restriction reduces God's powers in no small way, and this provokes the question, what can God do?

As a rule, a great deal; but only when the whole race is prepared to obey Him, and to demand the same obedience (lydighet) from each individual. It then becomes possible to block the normal ideas of good and evil, and, although it seems unbelievable that an intelligent race should not know the difference between good and evil, there are some people who maintain that WE do not know the difference! On the obedient planets, the standards of good and evil have been replaced by the difference between obedience and disobedience to God. What is allowed is good, and what is not allowed is evil; its that simple.

There, the guiding God manifests himself often and clearly, so that there can be no doubt of the fact that he really is present. He then proclaims a set of far-reaching laws that must by obeyed by everyone, and which contain a great number of rules that regulate everyday life down to the smallest detail. There, the beings are engaged in obeying their God from the time they get up until the time they go to sleep.

The majority have the task of punishing the disobedient, and that is not always done mildly; the demonic elements are present in the same way as by ourselves, and this demands a strong hand to keep things under control. The punishmets vary from the payment of compensation to beating, whipping, and quite often, the death sentence, which is used because purfication takes place in the realm of the dead, which is not the case on Earth.

This guidance can therefore only take place when the multitude obey God of their own free will. What would happen for example if only half of the people were prepared to obey? Then the one half would have to punish the other half, and this would simply result in the changing or the weakening of the laws, but more likely in chaos and murder. This means that Godly guidance is only possible with a certain type of character in which the majority obey God, and then the transformation process takes place much more elegantly and with much less suffering than we must endure.

The key is therefore the obedience out of free will, and that means doing what is demanded without asking why. This kind of guidance is impossible for the human race; perhaps we would have obeyed God if we had known why we had to do this, but then it would no longer be obedience, and also, only an unknowing humanity can complete the transformation process. The conditions on this planet made us a fundamentally disobedient race, and we cannot help that. A timeless God who knows the future does not have to experiment, He made man Himself; the character-type was determined, humans are self-willed and think they know everything better, so they must be left alone to do it on their own. We are sitting here on our planet playing at being our own boss, and there is no God who bothers Himself about us (for the moment).


The "original sin."

The bible story of the original sin in the book of Genesis is clearly the story of the disobedience of man and as a kind. Regardless of the fact that it was forbidden, the man and the woman ate the fruit of the tree of knowledge, and their eyes were opened. By doing this, they lost their right to Godly protection and security and had to fend for themselves. God did not curse them for what they had done, which would seem to be the most logical course, but cursed the soil under their feet, because there lay the cause of their disobedience. The Earth is a small iron based planet with a thin atmosphere, extreme weather conditions, and a scarce supply of natural foods. Humans had to be able to survive in temperatures varying from plus 50 deg.C to minus 50 deg.C, and in arctic blizzards and tropical cyclones; so they had to be violent, obstinate, and insistent. They had to be a race of clever hunters and hut builders and weapon makers; man had to fight for his existence with all the power and ingenuity he could muster, rich in inventivity, but poor in sensitivity. He had to trust in his own judgement and courage, and take little notice of the ideas of others. Only a hard, brilliant, selfassured being with a strong reproductive instinct could hope to survive the struggle for existence on this planet. Compared to the delicate dwarf races who inhabit the strongly eroded 'glass house' type planets with fertile ground and an abundance of natural foods, we are a kind of cosmic weed (ugress) that can be planted anywhere and will always survive. The typical Earth character is selfassured, inventive, courageous, agressive, virile, and victorious.

Is all this so evil that it adds up to a great sin?

No, it is really quite excellent, and the only trouble with such a race is that you can't do anything with them, it is impossible to help them even if they wanted to be helped. There is nothing wrong with self-sufficiency, it is just a pity for mankind that it is a handicap because it stimulates selfishness and man then becomes easy prey for the spirit of selfishness (Satan), a very annoying (plagsom) consequence. The original sin was a decrease in the level of polarization, less love and more egoism, and this came about by the exclusion of the Godly guidance. Obedience has an exceptional character, in everything in which man obeys God, he remains guiltless, obedience is doing what someone else wants, and not what you want to do yourself; it is unselfish by definition. Obedience to Godly laws gives a person a high level of polarization, and this level increases with every increase in obedience. Good and evil do not exist, and so the person has nothing to repay to Satan. What happens when mankind turns its back on God and says 'I am going to do it my way'? Before we do anything, we have the high polarization level of obedience, and are reduced to the level that the gods created here on Earth; mixed artifical dualism. The difference between altruism and egoism comes into existence, and partly due to the selfsufficiency (selvbergingspolitikk), selfishness becomes dominant. So, this is the sin the Bible describes, and at the same time an explanation of that original sin with which every human is burdened.


The risks of being our own boss

Is humanity complete? Disregarding all the children that are being born, and naturally will have to take part in the process as will be explained later, humanity is not yet complete. We are a second generation of Archangels in miniture, the being of a developing new God. We are at the helm(ved roret), but we can do no more than the Archangels could without the Father and Lucifer, the love poles of the infinite. Without them it does not work.

It was explained earlier that humanity must have a new life and love will in order to obtain the partner identity; as long as we still have the reflected life and love will, we cannot truly love the Father, we still have the mirror in our hands. What do we need to obtain that love power? A new infinite love will? Clearly not, the infinite does not have to be bounded again, and a second will cannot exist because the infinite is indivisible(udelelig). It will have to be another almighty love will with a different identity, and not infinite. We still lack the All-might and the two love poles, two beings with a second generation consciousness, the Son of the Father, and the son of Lucifer.

The first is the Son, and the second is Satan who actually has a double identity. In contrast to the Father and Lucifer who manifested only through reflection, the Son and Satan can manifest without reflection. Where do they come from? Without a doubt, from the All before the bounding(binding). If the goals of the Father and Lucifer existed there, then these goals necessarily contained the Partner, because without this, love was not possible. In exactly the same way as the first time, the second generation of Archangels, mankind, will set the second love power in working by action as the conductor through which the field flux occurs between the two poles of the almighty love - will. In the same way, it would be possible for Satan to overpower this second generation of Archangels during the period of their indulgence, as soon as they had reached the required level of selfishness. Satan would then have the right to collect the selfishness that had been stolen from him, and this right would exist as soon as a certain number of beings existed with a certain negative polarization. This is where the deadly danger appears that threatens every intelligent race that rejects Godly guidance: the polarization drops to such a level that the race becomes an easy target for Satan. 

(the planet earth has - as all such planets, as well as people - two poles in his/her consciousness - the positive/light/real unselfish pole-love - 

and the negative/darkness/selfishness pole. These two poles are both governed by two LIVING mainbeings - and the one for the dark pole is here called Satan. R.Ø.remark.)

here this spiritual battle in a picture:

A- the finished - or LIGHT part of EATHS cons.- most on or from the higher, socalled spirtiual worlds that surronds this planet and all other living planets.  B is in the partly finished zone - on the light side - but a lot of forces in active in all people in these times - here shown as D - and the primitive, instincttive "animal" part is active on the fightingzone E. Help from higher developed sivilizations are shown or symbolized as G trying to bring guidelines to the spritual dark Earth. The REAL DARK "satanic" powers is symblized with the darkest part of the picture - but this force get less influence now as the EARTH HERSELF has experienced so much suffering in this age after the destruction of the last high culture of Atlantis and Mu.


In the normal cycle under Godly guidance, the polarization usually remains high enough to avoid the race being overpowered before the end of time, but for us, it is unavoidable that this will happen prematurely(for tidlig). Without guidance it is impossible for us to improve our polarization, on the contrary, it deteriorates and at present it is clear that the polarization (mentality) is deteriorating. It is just a matter of time before humanity lands in the power of Satan. (as Rampa writes - "he" - satan - has ruled this planet for the last thousands of years - since Atlantis. R.Ø.remark.) A race of individualists was, according to the Word, destined to learn the perfect love in the same terrible way as did the Archangels.

And this is what would have happened if Lucifer had won Actually, the Word contained two possibilities, and this bring us to the question of what is going to happen to this prodigal ("fortapte") race now that the Father has won? Can Satan still appear according to the Word and subjugate the human race? An interesting question. He is immortal; an absolute consciousness with the power of mind over matter. He would have humanity in his power until their completion, and could perpetrate every terror that he wished. Does he have the right according to the Word to demand the power? Would he, according to the Word, have created the perfect love? No, he is no longer a pure egoist, but highly impure saboteur of the Word. He would have misused his power to impose a system upon us that is aimed at impurity; then he would have used refined tricks to teach us that life only exists out of lies, deceit, distrust, sadism, and perversity, we would be doomed to a pointless and degrading existence. He would doubtlessly have reached his goal, and taken the majority of humanity' with him to his grave. This just could not happen, so what must happen?

I don't quite see the problem. Satan was powerless against God, and if he did not keep to the Word, then surely God was also no longer bound to the Word?

Your remark is typical of the mentality that keeps the arm race going, for example; someone only needs to be honest so long as the opponent is also honest, and this makes him fundamentally a liar! Your solution is unknown to the Spirit God. God canot prevent the incarnation of Satan as this would be against the Word. This is the problem.


The Son becomes flesh.

How did God in all his wisdom solve the problem of the intelligent races with an 'our own boss' cyclus, in the Word? It was the Blocking of Satan by the Son.

My teachers put a great deal of emphasis on this answer, and I must formulate my explanation very carefully, because the validity is not only a question for God, but in greater measure for man. A once completed humanity will have to acknowledge the validity of this Godly intervention unanimously (enstemmig) and with complete conviction, otherwise we ourselves will not wish to take part in the completion. Then it will have to be determined:

1. That human freedom is not compromised.

2.That the original polarization of humanity was lower than that of the races where no Godly intervention took place (more evil, already proved).

3.That the Son did not gain any advantage over Satan through the intervention, on the contrary, that the Son found Himself at a disadvantage.

4. That Satan, after the blocking, must be given every chance to realize his goal, the exclusion of as many humans as possible from the completion.

5. That Satan is fully compensated for the debt of mankind.

These five points will be explained in more detail, but firstly the principle of the intervention.

The Word determined that both the Son ("you") and Satan should become man (human), and that the Son should be given the opportunity to gather all the people who had original absolute powers and talents (all the real humans), and after the purification, they will be the one all-encompassing Ego of the human manifestation of the Son, the Son of Man. By encompassing all these transformed talents, the Son will be almighty, and this becomes of fundamental importance during the completion.

In contrast, Satan will be given the opportunity to gather all the talentless who have His identity, he will overpower them and take possession of them through which all will have his character and Ego.

During the purification, Satan will demand the repayment of all the selfishness and impurity because he has a right to it so that he can perfect his consciousness. When this is complete, the Son of man convergence(løper sammen), the new God, will block the complete Satan consciousness for all time with an almighty impulse. The reason for this premature description is to make it clear that the Son of man is the only one who has the right to block the earthly Satan. On the other hand, this demonstrates that when the right of Satan came into being more then twenty centuries ago, humanity was not complete and therefore the Son of man could not in any way be almighty. (What seems to happen seen from a macrocosmic view- point, is that the REAL LOVE pole in the planet earth's consciousness take control over her own dark remaining selfishness characteristics - and expel them. R.Ø.remark.)

Many intelligent races have already reached completion through which the cosmic Son really did have the power to block Satan. The intervention of Jahwe God in the human transformation process was two-fold; in the first place, twenty centuries ago, He prematurely created the situation that was required to implement the Son becoming human, and in the second place, He will have to give the Son access to the universl convergence to enable the blocking of Satan, and this is an interference from outside the closed circuit of the Earth consciousness (unnatural).


The chosen people.

For an almighty God who, in a flash, created the universe, this would seem to be a simple problem, but that is a mistake. The free choice of mankind is sacred, and according to the Word, the only way the Son can be summoned (kalt hjem) is by the necessary polarization level of at least a group of human beings. The same goes for Satan, and this is what the freedom of choice is about, the polarization. How was it possible for Jahwe to create the necessary high level of polarization, even in a small group, among a humanity that was ripe for Satan? As explained earlier, this was only possible among a group who obeyed a manifesting (åpenbar)God, and in this case, in a group that was isolated from the rest of the world. This is the reason for the formation and guidance of the chosen people, the Jews. This people, created by Jahwe through isolation and selection, had to have the character type that the rest of the world did not have, obedience. They had to reach the necessary level of polarization, firstly under duress (tvang) and later of their own free will, that was necessary for the appearance of the Son. This isolation was also the cause of alienation with the other peoples, which the Jews would have to pay for dearly at a later date. This isolation was strengthened by the period of slavery in Egypt, because being slaves, the isolation from the Egyptians was assured, and as slaves they leaned obedience under a hard taskmaster. Their isolation was again assured during the fourty years in the desert, and the order to destroy all the inhabitants of the promised land, including women and children; an unbelievable episode that cost many thousands of lives. This last episode illustrates how exceptional the intervention of Jahwe was to ensure the salvation of mankind.

Beside the isolation, the obedicnce had to be ensured, and what the Bible tells us is in fact the story of the Godly guidance as occurs on other planets where a normal transformation cycle takes place. This is extremely important and instructive because it will become clear that this guidance was totally impossible for humanity.

Jahwe manifested many times, and gave the Jews, through Moses, a comprehensive law and set of tasks that had to be followed to the letter, and that was aimed typically at the Jews of that time. A great number of rules were given that regulated their lives from A to Z, which for emancipated beings like us (adapted to selfishness) form the height of absurdity.

The punishments for disobedience were just as detailed, the death sentence for example for sexual relations outside marriage, and even within the bonds of marriage when the woman menstruated.

It is really worth the trouble to read Exodus, Leviticus, and Numbers they show how far away they were from our present way of life, and illustrate better than any other method that the normal Godly guidance would have been impossible by us. People who do nothing else the whole day but obey their God obtain a large quantity of self control, unselfishness, and purity; they live constantly with God, and God identifies Himself with them. The demonic body ego is completely repressed, and that is obviously the aim, the creation of an island of purity and unselfishness.

Obedience is doing what you are told without asking why, and that is exactly what we cannot do. Here lies the advantage of the Jewish people, they did it and implemented (realiserte) the salvation of the whole of humanity. Don't ask me how, because even these chosen beings drove Jahwe to distraction by their pig headed disobedience. It cost many thousands of dead, but at last a drastically depleted group reached the promised land. Jahwe had taught his people to obey his laws and had eliminated disobedience by a process of selection; the formation of the chosen people was complete.

Jahwe knew the future and knew exactly the moment that this formation was complete; after this He manifested no more. Now they had to do it alone. Obedience due to fear had to be slowly changed into obedience out of free will, out of love and affection for God. So, much later, somewhere within the Jewish people, the necessary degree of purity and obedience to Gods laws was reached; they must have been a wonderful group of people according to Godly standards The mutual toils of the Jewish people had reached its goal.


JESUS of Nazareth

Why was the Son so demanding? Could He not have made do with less? The Son has, as does the Father, the extreme altruistic love-polarization. He is the opposite of the pure egoism and has protection against it and the power to defeat it, but He comes directly from the Absolute - direct from the Father. And has no defense against impurity. He conquers through love, but can do nothing against the destruction and the sabotage of satan. As with the Father, He only exists in a defenseless as a lamb.

His character is so delicate that if He had come into contact with impurity during His childhood, His first period of development such as lies, deceit, disobedience, or the like, He could no longer have been the Son. The smallest impurity would have prevented His awakening and therefore His becoming man only after His second awakening and when He had the Spirit within Him could He offer resistance to the impurity and have the power over satan.

He had to become man, and that means that He had to be born to a woman who was a real human and not some special being that was created artificially by some means or another. How can a body that is tainted by Satan produce the perfect altruist?

The answer is simple; if she had ever been tainted by Satan she would never have been able to be the mother of the Son. This was the advantage of the Jewish environment, of her parents and her surroundings, there a girl could grow up so that to the moment she became a mother, she had never shown one act of disobedience against her God; and this was Maria. Her purity and obedience were so perfect that she had reached the total denial of her body ego. She had no conscious distinction between good and evil, only the distinction between what God permitted and what He forbid. She was one of the rare beings who had not eaten of the tree of knowledge. The influence of her surroundings, not her birth, had made her absolutely pure and capable of being the mother of the Son of God.

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their explanation on time, relativity, etc.


picture here showing inside of their circular houses. This is a drawing that the author had an artist to make after his describtions of what he was shown on the vistit aboard on the IARGAship - lasting many hours - when this happend nearly 40 years ago in Holland.  - for more info see the book.