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(from page53 in the e-book of martin wiesengrün and wendelle c. stevens)

"…only now did I realize that something very special was to come. To enter into the depth of the human brain, and to enter into the soul was the event. Dagolo (the name of the contact-women) laid her arm around my middle and drew me toward her, and she talked quietly and gently to me, but she spoke way too fast for me, and I couldn't understand all. She tried to calm me down. I was surprised because until now she didn't speak when she caught me with her eyes.

Well, it seemed that some very important decision was to be rendered. A lightening of my spirit left my brain. And Dagolo entered my thought frequency. Such emotions would enter and disturb the senses sometimes. But as quickly as they appeared they disappeared again. Even the Satanis (a man present who's ancestors came from the former planet Santanis in our sunsystem - which is only the asteroidbelt of today) as well as the head being, would know about the circumstances. I was silent.

"Human son, soon you will find out about the - how the soul and the body work together." The Satanis entered into my silence as he began his new lecture. "The harmony between spirit and body is accompanied by prescience and biochemical activities, and other aspects play a role, but to try to explain them would not make sense to you right now. Simply said, for your understanding, the soul is a living entity, alive, and always exists. The body lives naturally also, but is not immortal."

"The Soul connects with the body, according to special preparations with the body before it enters, and the body begins to live. I will show you your soul, human son. Are you ready?"

He looked at me deeply, but I was speechless. I didn't know what I could say, and because of that I nodded with my head. My gesture was enough for him and he gave new instructions to the computer.

Again I saw myself on the viewing screen lying in Bed, in a big and colorful enlargement. Soon I saw a shadow next to me. At first I had the impression that it was an electronic glimmering. And this shape, I was able to see very clearly after a while, and my face...

Suddenly the figure of my soul separated from my body and moved about in joy for a few seconds in the room. My face was now very clearly on this figure and recognizable. My sleeping body did not move - even a little bit, because the body was in a different space. It was impressive but also scary. Slowly my soul being entered back into the body. After the reunification my body turned on its side. And on the viewing screen I could see visibly that I dreamt beautiful dreams with glowing sun, gentle winds and a wide ship, and I was the captain of the ship. But what as I viewed, I was not able to comprehend. It was unbelievable to me. Try as I would I still did not understand. To sort this out in my brain. To make sense of it.

"Do you see, Human Son? What you have just viewed has only been taking two minutes, longer we can not take." Explained the Satanis, "and now we will show you where your soul and body unite in the brain. Without

this connection the entire body cannot function. Here we can access all information and make it visible on the viewing screen, of the hominid beings whose life is ensouled, and where it is stored. Only here can any illness of the soul be positively influenced. Only here in the brain can we gather the information and collect, question and search. Let us look at the human brain again."

Again the Satanis instructed the computer and ordered it to display chronologically and collect point by point, and in chronological sequence to show on the screen. His last information was still in the atmosphere and the screen showed myriads of bits of information, over the human screen and prepared for the next.

The Satanis now also instructed the computer to enter in chronological order a description point by point, to show a chronological description of my soul so the past would connect to now.

Now the hairy one (another ETman present with much hair on his skin) turned to me and asked me to stand on a polished fifty centimeter by fifty centimeter plate. I did it and an inverted bowl lowered itself over my head. I felt weak vibrations all over my body. When this disappeared my body showed in a big picture on the viewing screen from very different perspectives. Fascinated I followed the big electronic viewing screen as it depicted my form. Everything that makes a human a human was demonstrated correctly on the screen. All the organs of the human body became visible. One could see how everything interacted, how all the organs functioned together.

Gradually all this demonstration of the organs disappeared and only a part of my brain was still visible. Next to my brain was a building sketch of the brain function, and the millions, billions and even trillions of nerve sells appeared and became visible. How they interacted with every part of my body and worked together was shown.

In a quadratic picture on the viewing screen appeared in graphic display, the brains of different hominid races. The capacity of a human brain on Earth was especially marked on this graphic.

It was there, if one wants to compare it with those other hominid races, the other beings there with me on the spaceship. Each time two graphics were displayed next to each other for ease of visualizing and then one was laid on top of another for comparison. Clearly I could see the momentary capacity of my brain and function, and my capacity was not very high.

Now the hairy Palliano explained that in their brain they have a higher capacity for knowledge, because they have improved their learning methods as the brain adjusted to the growing capacity of collecting and storing information in all capacities.

I watched in consternation as they took apart everything of the human body - how they could dissect it electronically for study.

Everything that represents a human being was correctly shown and demonstrated on this viewing screen. All the organs in a human body were made visible. You could really see visibly how these organs were functioning and how they were working together.

Gradually these demonstrations of organs disappeared into the background leaving only the brain showing. The viewing screen showed a diagram of the millions and billions of nerve cells which are necessary, and which provide the working together of all bodily parts. In a box in the viewing screen you could see graphically the capacity of the various different brains of all the hominids studied. The storage capacity of each brain of all the humans on Earth was especially marked here and it seemed to me like they were comparing my brain capacity with all the other human races who were flying with me in this ship.

Each time, they had two graphical descriptions next to each other, then they could show, and I was able to see, my momentary capacity as being very low.

Now the Palliani explained that the storing capacity of and growing capacity of their brain has extended during the centuries and developed. The reason why is because they have changed their learning methods and adjusted the development methods and growing capacity of their brain to the information in all the areas of discipline. And because of that adjustment, they demonstrated to me, it was possible for them to have a better and quicker thinking process and more successfully than we current human beings on Earth were able to do.

They, in comparison with the maximum capacity to store knowledge in the brain, comparing the capacity of this young human being of my age, but who was not born on Earth, showed me the normally unused part of my brain that was dormant. That young man was actually introduced to me personally later. So to be able to explain to me the functions of the different parts of the brain, they were demonstrating information storage in four categories.

They were showing in four categories where these four sections of the brain are, that are able to store information. Here, for example, is the storage for personal memory. For our general information and knowledge, how experiences are expressed and moved about by physical means and the coordination capacity. For human beings on Earth, the storage capacity for facts and knowledge are not used properly, because the Earth humans have not been able to apply the right methods yet. And they have not found nor developed the helping methods toward this.

Something unusual happened in this schematic demonstration of our storage ability about the general knowledge in my brain. Each time I tried to make an effort to understand what was happening, this area of my brain would light up. So my brain at this moment was receiving impulses. I explained it to myself this way. When they initially sparked the areas of capacity in my brain they prepared me for continued information storage.


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